TRT Once or Twice/Week?

I’m 48 & have been on trt for 13 yrs. Test Cyp
100 mgs/per week. I know the school of thought is split into two doses (50 mgs, 2xs/week) in order to lessen peaks & valleys.
Question: wouldn’t peak T level be lower using 50 mgs vs 100 mgs? ie after 100 mg injection (2-3 days following), Total T at 700 (arbitrary # just to use as example). After 50 mg injection, T levels would obviously be lower.
I realize there is overlap w/ 2 inject per week. Lets say every 4th day.
So, would it make sense that peak T on 2xs/wk are lower?
Just to make point, if shot of 500 mgs was given (we won’t take into account the huge spike in E), T level might be 2000 (once again, this # not important)

Sorry for the long post.

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The whole objective is to get steadier levels and avoiding peaks.
Peaks make E2 problems worse and can make hematocrit worse for those who have such problems.

Peaks really do nothing good.

Peaks of T are followed by peaks in E2 and as T levels drop in a cesspool of estrogens you feel like shit. At least that is how it plays out most of the time.

When using anastrozole to manage E2 levels to get near E2=22pg/ml, which works well for almost all guys, the competitive drug needs to match FT levels. If FT, or Bio-T is not steady, anastrozole dose is not well matched and then E2 is not managed well. For most guys, E2 management is mission critical.

When hormone levels change during the week, your lab results are mostly a function of lab timing, making them rather useless. And to reduce that effect, one should always do labs 1/2 way between injections to reduce lab timing artifacts.

When some are injecting 250iu hCG SC/SQ EOD, they then do T and anastrozole on an EOD basis to keep routine simplified. But twice a week is fine is that is what you want to do.

Thanks for your concise reply.
I will go back to twice/wk.~ 50 mgs e4d.
I realize everyone is different & a lot of variable such as how high E is. How long should it take to feel the new levels w/ less spikes & troughs?


Some would notice some changes in a week or so, others might not be aware of changes. But improved E2 management probably biggest effect.