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TRT on 'Pause' - Continue Anastrozole?


I'm only about 10 days into my TRT protocol and want to try correcting my situation first. I am overweight at 270, 5'8" and had an Estradiol value of 64 ( I believe, I'll have to check it again).

My plan is to lose the weight and come off the antidepressant Lexapro in hope that my testosterone conversion to estradiol ceases and I maintain the test. I'm hoping that the serotonin/dopamine levels stabilize and my libido comes back too.

Should I continue to take the 1mg of Anastrozole/week capsule? Even if I'm not on TRT? I want to bring my Estradiol value down.


0.5mg seems to work in this context as a start, do E2 labs and adjust as needed.

E2=60pg/ml before TRT?

These separate posts are really a pain in the ass. Why can't you post in one of your threads were we have more information. This has all of the coherence of a chat room.

Loosing fat on low T is very difficult. If thyroid levels are also low, all the worse. But I don't have your data to look at.


can it help? yes.
can testing for and resolving any underlying cortisol issues also help resolve high estradiol? yes.
can testing for and resolving any underlying thyroid issues also help resolve high estradiol? yes.


I post questions in my thread but I never get responses.

Yes, those lab values were taken before TRT. Estradiol was at 62pg/ml (Ref: 20-47).

Thyroid panel looks "ok". I thought I asked the dingbat to check Free T3.
TSH - 1.29 (0.35-5.50)
Free T4 - 1.0 (0.7-1.7)
Total T3 - 118 (60-181)

Everything was ok, 'cept for my low testosterone and free testosterone scores obviously. I also came in low in Vitamin D: 27, (30-100) but I'm always bundled up when I go outside in the cold. Either way I'm beginning to supplement with 4,000 IU's of D3.

Ok, so I'll take 0.5mg's and split it up per week it sounds like. I jus' never heard of people taking AI's as a monotherapy option so I was wondering about that.


your thyroid panels can look great and you can still be hypothyroid if your Reverse T3 is too high which is typically caused by too little Cortisol.

have you tracked your body temps? is the avg low? any fluctuation?

low cortisol can cause increased aromatase of T to E2. treating low cortisol can be a major help to controlling aromatase