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TRT Now Underway. Thyroid Bloods Just Back


You’ll always get my vote to start low and go slow when using an AI.


So, trt starts today.

I was wondering whether people think I am likely to end up with too high levels on 250mg sust every 8 days… I am wondering whether 125 every 5 days would be better?

As you can see from above my shbg is pretty high, but 8 days does seem a long time between shots


@physioLojik can I get a quick look through my numbers please sir… Snapshot of recent bloods is below, the rest are all at the top.
Doc has prescribed me 250 sust every 8-10 days (going with 8 to start), 30mg proviron 2 x day, and .5 anastrozole every 5-7 days (am going microdose of .125 eod to start).

How does this initial prescription look to you for someone with my numbers? High SHBG.

I will be tested in 6 weeks, i’m just gathering info and running scenarios through my mind at this stage. Your opinion is appreciated.


I would drop the AI especially with proviron.


I did wonder if that might be overkill. I am carrying more body fat than usual atm but I think you’re right, I will drop until if and when symptoms develop. Thanks


I have just received my thyroids back. I had been supplementing iodine via North Atlantic kelp for a week or so when these bloods were taken.

Thyroid Function
FREE THYROXINE 16.500 pmol/L 12.00 - 22.00
FREE T3 4.35 pmol/L 3.10 - 6.80
REVERSE T3 15 ng/dL 10.00 - 24.00
REVERSE T3 RATIO 18.88 15.01 - 75.00


Appreciate any assistance figuring out what if anything is going on


Your TSH will be skewed because of the iodine intake I think.

Be careful messing with your thyroid.

I know my TSH increased on Test from about 1.0 or so to 2.2-2.5. I had that initial scare, where I read through many posts. There were a few people who had very negative outcomes from doing what was recommended on this forum. Tread lightly.

It would be interesting to see how many people had their TSH increase slightly after starting TRT. I have heard its from the metabolic backlog of “fixes” being done in your body, and your thyroid cant keep up.


@alphagunner agreed. Messing around with iodine etc attempting to regulate your thyroid is a huge mistake.


Noted @alphagunner @physioLojik. I will drop back to just the iodine in my daily.
Do the rest of my thyroid bloods look like there is any issue there? Anything that could be contributing to my lethargy etc?



I’m not familiar with those lab numbers.

This is your problem right here bro.
You have no free test, and probably low free e2 also.

I know proviron lowers E, but it also lowers SHBG, so should give you more free test/e2.

Why not just take enough test to compensate for the high SHBG instead of using proviron?

Obviously listen to your doctor.

If it were me, I would try just the TRT first, and see what happens, and then if I couldn’t get zeroed, I would introduce the proviron to see if it would give me some more free test.

your SHBG isn’t INSANE. lots of people with worse. Its about where mine is.

Most guys just use more test.


@alphagunner woohoo more test! :slight_smile: howre you feeling alpha?


Strong, motivated as fuck, and horny as hell.

Fucking amazing. Just took 5 days off for de-load and I’m ITCHING to hit it again today

Make sure you keep us updated in your cycle log brother!


I hear that @alphagunner… honestly, it was my thought too, partly because, while I like proviron (used it quite a lot in my cycles when I used to partake), it is just another monthly expense when I could probably just get the same result from more test.
I will see how the levels are at my 6 week tests and take it from there.

Thanks again


@alphagunner awesome man!!! I’m so happy you’re feeling well