TRT Not Working for 20 Years

First, pls forgive my bad english.
In 1980 at the age 14 I lost my testicles after two twist.
In 1985 I started TRT with injections, something like SUSTANON or OMNADREN ( it was TESTOLENT in Romania at that time ) one every month.
It was good, let say…for five years.
In 1993 I changed with french injection-ANDROTARDYL ( enanthat of testosterone )
It was also allmost good till 1997 when effect crashed ( it was february 1997, I remember very well )
Everyone told me that TRT must work, like at the begining, and it must be something in my head that make me feel something like before TRT ( including doctors )
Till today I followed different kind of TRT ( pills, gel, ) and last week I did also one injection with OMNADREN 250 but still no effect.
Few years ago I did also a hormonal dosage (blood tests) and they found a very low restosterone, and high value for estrogen or estradiol…( of course, following TRT ) anyway they told me the same, that everyone responds in his way, and I must to think positively, and everithing will be allright. No way…
After 20 years, yesterday I was again to a doctor, I told him all the story, and yes, he recognized that part of us can not respond to TRT, receptors in the blood is being blocked , especially after injections, especially after a long time.
Well, he called me to the hospital for new blood tests on 19 october, and osteoporosis risk assessment. He also observed my very low body-hairiness, after all this years of TRT. Very interesting, he insisted about futility growth rate of injections, because receptors in the blood will be more and more blocked ( I tryed this using ANDROGEL and is true )
He told me about a new gel , for inside nose application he want to try it.For me it seems to be the last hope.
Anyway, it seems TRT is not a solution for anybody in this sad situation.
Life was so good at the beginning of TRT, when it work, from 20 years is only fatigue, sadness, insomnia and allmost no sexuality.
I wrote here because I don`t find in Romania a serious site about this problems ( only about sport and steroids )
Well, I hope to find an answer, even now, at age of almost 50 :slight_smile:

You must have taken plenty of labs in all that time. What labs do you have and what protocol where you on during those labs?

Please post lab results with ranges.
Include CBC. thyroid etc, anything that you have.

E2, estradiol, needs to be actively manages for most men.

Have you always used iodized salt?
Are your outer eyebrows sparse?
Do you get cold easily?
Hair thinning?
Thyroid gland sore, enlarged, lumpy?

Thyroid function controls energy levels as part of the body’s temperature control. When thyroid function is low there can be low energy, low mood, depression.

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Hi guys and thank you for answers.
Last labs that I did were a lot of years before. At that time I understand that more than this is not possible ( as they told ),
Now, because for few months in romanian pharmacies I cant find nothing for TRT, I started this new action. Last years it was UNDESTOR testocaps 40mg, and I took usualy 2 pills/day, with very very low effect.. So, returning to present, it was ANDROGEL in july and august ( with some little promising effect for three weeks, but then...crush ) I found it after a long search . I realy dont understand what they plan for TRT in Romania, otherwise, fharmacies are full.
One week ago I did that injection, OMNADREN boughy from Bulgaria. There are ampoules made by Swisspharma in Czech republic.

Every ampoule is 250mg and it consist of :

  • testosteron propionat 30mg
  • testosteron fenilpropionat 60mg
  • testosteron isocaproat 60mg
  • testosteron decanoat 100mg

As I wrote before, this new doctor told me to come at endocrinology-hospital on 19 this mounth ( it mean 20 days after injection-OMNADREN ) for new labs. I told him about OMNADREN, and he said ok, come here after 20 days for labs.
About sexuality ( or sex drive as i found here :slight_smile: ) well, all I feel is something very low when I`m waking up. Even this morning.
I remember when I start TRT, 36 years ago, after few days it was a realy different life, but only for few years.
About salt, all my life I used normal salt ( sea salt ), and never think about thyroid problems, not enlarged, lumpy or things like that. As I know, for me, hypogonadism was the big problem. But I will ask also about tyroid.
Yes, is true, I get cold easly. And I am also hypotensive ( but not a problem )
Yes, is true, my hair is thinni. but normal like quantity and volume, also true for eyebrouse.
Now, after all this years who can say ? For me low energy and this kind of depression became something normal. To be alone became normal and usual, but it was a desaster when I understand what is happened, 20 years ago. Somehow maybe is better this way, even is not a solution .
When I will have results for this new labs, I will stick them here , I am also very curious, and why not, maybe somebody can find a solution.
You have been wondering about physiognomy, well I try to send a current pic. You ask something real about hair and eyebrows, even this chin is after 3 weeks. :slight_smile: But for me there are secundary issues.

Your eyebrows do seem thin and sparse at outer edges.

If you self inject T cypionate or enanthate twice a week, your T levels will be steady.
It would be helpful if you could follow suggested protocol recommended here.

Self inject 50mg T enanthate twice a week, 100mg/week total
Take 0.5mg anastrozole at time of each injection
250iu hCG SC EOD would be good if you can get it or afford it.

Inject with insulin syringes: #29 12mm, 0.5ml [50iu]

Please do not take any oral forms of testosterone.

You need to stop sea salt and use iodized salt.

It would be good to take a multi vitamin that lists iodine and selenium.

We can evaluate your overall thyroid function by your oral body temperatures.
Please report oral body temperatures when you wake up in the morning and also middle of the afternoon.

Many have some thyroid problems and their thyroid lab numbers still are “normal”. The lab ranges are a problem and doctors then do not see any problems.

Great ! I understand that little doses of T are better than a big one once / 3 weeks. Closer to nature. The doctor from Bucharest told the same. including the theory that says it can block
receptors by high doses, rare, unnatural for the body. ( wonder what they plan with NEBIDO, a real bomb, also this doctor said )
About oral forms of T, maybe is the reason why they eliminated UNDESTOR testocaps from romanian fharmacies.
Bad thing is that for this moment is nothing to find for TRT in our pharmacies. This is a problem.
I believe is very easy to find iodized salt.
I will take my temperature , morning and afternoon.
And anyway I will send here lab tests from 19 oct.

Finally I have results of laboratory tests, two weeks after OMNADREN injection 250mg.

You can zoom it. Well, hope you will understand, technical initials I believe there are allmost the same.
They did also a special ultrasound exam for my thyroid and they said its all right. When he showed me the paper he told me that testosterone is allmost zero...well is 1.99 ng/ml and nadir crash ( using ng/ml ) is 3, after searcing for on internet. Is it true ? Automatic, FSH and LH are greather than normal. They found also an anemia using this lab tests, but they said is normal for hypogonadism, and the same about cholesterol ( everything I eat is bery "easy" ). My temperature in the morning is 36.2-36.3 and in the evening is 36.5. He recommended me NEBIDO 1000 mg injection every 3 mounths, and new lab-tests after 6 months. ( anyway I will ask abot little ampouls 50 mg-enanthat, but I dont believe they bring this in Romania ).
Well, first impresion for me it was “yes is good 1.99 ng/ml” taking 3 like low limit. It seems that TRT is working, even if there is something to do for better. Who knows ?

The only trt that works for everyone is testopel, pellet inplants.

While ?:expressionless: