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TRT Not Working Anymore

I started out on andro gel 4 pumps it worked ok and then when off a little (test was at 500). SO I asked the DOc to go up to 6 pumps and he said ok, it worked ok and now nothing. I have no sexual desire what gives? I have test of 1030. Am I taking to much, wrong kind, To much E?

Also when on it I still have trouble with exercise (it still feels like no test, long recovery etc) and weight.

Most guys with test of 1030 are chasing their woman around the house all the time.
What is your age, height, weight, BF%, and the rest of the blood test results if you have them?
“And weight” as in can’t lose weight, or not add weight when at the gym?

Please let us know, thanks.

It sounds exactly like what happened to me. The good feeling you got from starting treatment was a dopamine rush that subsided. You up the dose and you’ll get it again to a smaller degree. Dr M. speaks of the increase in dopamine during TRT. Per him you get a large initial surge in dopamine and then it decreases hopefully to a level that is higher than where you started.

As for me I thought that initial feeling was from TRT and it was in an indirect way. I spent a year tweaking my TRT regimen only to discover dopamine itself was my remaining issue. 300mg of Wellbutrin has improved that problem. TRT has done wonders for my body but that was it. No other benefits. There are a number of guys on here that have the same issue so you’re not alone. Sometimes TRT itself fixes everything and sometimes not.

I had perfect labs and zero libido. Wellbutrin has improved that by about 60%.

Elevated E2 when TT is that high can cause a loss of libido, energy and mood; perhaps depression and apathy.

You need E2 tested. If Quest, must be the untras high sensitivity. Standard Labcorp serum E2 is good.

Most start with 1mg/wk Arimidex/anastrozole in divided doses. Read about arimidex overresponders.

You need to get E2 close to optimal; 22pg/ml. This will transform your life.

I completely agree with KSman.

Absence of proof is not proof of absence!

Just because you don’t have swollen itchy boobs doesn’t mean you don’t have E2 issues. If my E2 is in the mid 30’s I don’t feel “right”. But, if my E2 is the low to mid 20’s, I feel like Superman again.
Unless you know the difference, it is almost unbelievable.
Okay, graphic question: when was the last time you consistently had hard ons that lasted “forever” and came back just as good in 20-30 minutes, with the same big loads?
Do you even remember?When you were in your 20’s, maybe early 30’s but no more?
It’s an E2 problem, it’s just not obvious.
If your E2 gets back to the low/mid 20’s again, your life will change. Well your sex life will change, and everything else will follow suit. Elevated E2 is so common and so misunderstood, many doctors just don’t have a clue…

may as well chime in myself, KNB i also had an e2 in the mid 30’s and of course the doctor assured me that was fine. It wasn’t until i decided to lower it on my own that i realized how damaging it really was.

I am much much better now by adding arimidex at .25mg 4x weekly. Mine was both sexual and mental breakdown issues, way too emotional.

You’d be amazed at how many guys have elevated E2 and don’t know it. If you are willing to believe your “getting older” is the cause of the loss of proper function; somebody lied to you.

We men got the big Testosterone ratio, and we’re manly because of it, but once we get a little fat, a little sloppy with our diets, and the willingness to believe what somebody tells you just because his or her name ends in “M.D.”, as the late George Carlin always said,"…Question authority…".

These doctors are not gods and their license says “practice medicine” not “I know everything and I’m never wrong.”

Don’t get me wrong, there are some great doctors in the world, and I have one. I have one that sucks too, but that’s why I know not all doctor know the slightest bit about proper HRT/TRT protocols.

Read everything by KSman, and Bushy, and Headhunter, and so many other posters on this forum that the have experience first hand.
If it wasn’t for those guys, I would have never started to do enough research to find out they were right, and my crappy doctor is just crappy…

End of rant.