TRT Not Shutting Down Own Production

Hey guys,

I am totally new on this forum. Healthy 25 guy, working out pretty regularly, no hormone issue for the moment (at least until I get my blood checked next week…), but deeply interested in TRT questions and knowledge. That’s why I wanted to submit this question to youguys, hoping someone will give me a clue :

It is well-known that when you start supplementing hormones to your body, even whith a great deficiency to begin with (like no steroid level supplementation but regular TRT), your body will eventually shut down its own production whatever the dosage.
And that would be my worst fear if I ever had to begin TRT. I know it would still be preferable to go for TRT if it means improving your quality of life and having better hormones levels, but man, shutting down your body natural ability…


Has anyone heard of a medicine/drug that would trick your brain into thinking your body is not receiving any external source of T? Like modifying your receptors, so that you get the benefits of external T + your own?

Thanks a lot for the input!

Please read the advice for new guys sticky, and protocol for injections sticky.

There is a class of drugs, SERM’s that do this. Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator. Your HPTA sees less estrogens and LH/FSH increase which leads to more T. Selective estrogen receptor modulator - Wikipedia

If LH goes too high:

  • T–>E2 aromatization inside the testes can be very high, serum levels of E2 can be high
  • so a SERM dose can be too much
  • so you can’t get usable long term ‘high’ T levels
  • high stimulation of LH receptors can desensitize the receptors, a step backwards
  • SERM’s are not natural hormones, there are side effects other than discussed here
  • The SERM clomid has deep estrogenic side effects for some [few] guys
  • The SERM nolvadex does not have the above problem and is a not-steroidal drug
  • SERMs are not considered good for long term use, TRT is for life
  • many use too much SERM and doctors can be very stupid in that regard

Alternatively, one can inject hCG and not use a SERM. LH, FSH still get shut down, but one lobe of the hCG peptide is identical to the active lobe of the LH peptide. Guys on TRT inject hCG for years. The size and firmness of the testes is maintained. Fertility will not be lost, but can be reduced. For young guys they could at times replace hCG with SERM to allow FSH to improve fertility status, a fertility tune up. If you take too much hCG, it is the same effect of high LH, see the SERM issues above.

Well you answered my question quite perfectly to be honest!

So if I got your point, no drug, neither HCG nor SERM will be the panacea for the long term and your brain/receptors will eventually regulate for any external source, but HCG is still a preferable option to SERMS?