TRT Not Really Helping

Need some advice. I started TRT back in May after finding out my T was a little low. My only low T symptoms were lower energy and poor sleep. Sexual function was good. After about 3-4 weeks into TRT my libido started going up and down, ED problems.

My protocol is 200 mg Test cyp a week, HCG (I have played around with dosing with this protocol), and B12. I use AI sparingly because of negative sides (Letrizole) I’ve ran 2 sets of labs since starting and my E2 has been 25 and then last time it was 20. Test went up this last time to 1600 and free was over 350, and I know that’s really high. I can post full labs later, but my question is if my E2 has been driven too low. With Test as high as it is, I would expect my E2 to elevate.

We need more info about you. Please read the advice for new guys sticky. There are 7 stickies in this forum.

Post all labs in list format with lab ranges.

You are injecting too much T.

Please try this:
100mg T per week, injected twice a week, 50mg X 2
0.5mg anastrozole at time of injection
250iu hCG SC EOD [if doc will script, needed to preserve fertility and testicles]

Letrozole is harsh, dose-response is not predicable. Use anastrozole.

Your estrogen target should be E2=22pg/ml

Read that sticky and try the above and you should feel better.

LH/FSH should have been done before TRT, too late now
prolactin [if younger]

Last three are thyroid related. Have a look at the thyroid basics sticky. For some with low thyroid function, TRT can make them feel worse as the body cannot manage the restored metabolic rates from TRT. Consider your intake of iodized salt and check your body temperatures.

There is a lot of reading and learning curve to deal with.

Thanks for the reply. I was wondering if that was too high and I do split injections but 100 every 3.5 days. So I’ll try that and I’ll post my labs in proper format. I read-up on the newbie sticky, thanks. My E2 has been stable based on my labs, but when I started TRT my E2 was 46 and Total T was at 360. Silly question, but since I’m dosing a somewhat high level of Test for Trt, shouldn’t my E2 be higher? I’nm really not using the AI very much at all because of sides.

t numbers are way too high…
Get it down to 700-800 and see how you feel

will do, but why would high T and normal E2 cause any issues?

The only sides one can expect from AI is from taking too much and feeling the effects of low estrogens. So its all about finding the right dose and letro is not a good choice. As for high T and low E2, thats also is AI dose.

Not everybody has issues with proper E and high Test… But its well known that alot will.
Bodybuilders have been dealing with this forever… And in TRT alot feel better in the middle to upper third only …
Your double that… Everybody is different

KSman, are you saying that AI dosing could cause a high test and low E2? I took a 1mg letrizole one week before blood draw.

I will lay-off the AI for a while, stick to my HCG protocol, and lower t dose 100mg every 3.5 days.


Sounds like your nuts are contributing a good amount with the HCG.

Maybe try HCG monotherapy and reassess after labs?

I explained the problems with letro earlier. Can you please re-read my posts?

Got it. Harsh is an understatement, the sides are terrible. Anastrazole is much more manageable and the sides aren’t as bad, little insomnia.
You said Letrizole is harsh, but my reply was based on taking a week before BW. I guess unpredictable is an understatement too.
In your opinion what is the best E2 test? I have read on hear that unltra-sensitive is the way to go the Labcorp will overstate your levels. Is this true?