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TRT Not Helping my Symptoms

Hello everyone.
I need your help and guidance on my TRT protocol as it seems to give me no desired benefits.

Im a white male, 43 years old, living in Thailand, have been on self medicated TRT for 8 months now.
I started TRT due to symptoms which is low libido and weak erections.

But first a short background story:
When i was 19 i did a D-bol and Deca only cycle but had to stop it 5-6 weeks in because of serious testes pain in my testes. It felt like someone was stabbing me with icepicks!!! Scary shit so i quit and never touched steroids again only for this reason. Maybe that was a good thing because if that hadnt happende i am pretty sure i would have continued using for many years, as i have always been fascinated by bodybuilding.
After the cycle i didnt have any issues but they started when i was about 23, starting to loose my hair on the scalp and when i was 25 i started with the libido issues, weak erections, not lasting long , eventually lost all lust even i was with a hot girl. Had to rely on cialis and viagra and have ever since.
This brings me to today. I moved to Thailand 1.5 years ago and here it was possible for me to get hold of testosterone from Pharmacys and was excited to start my TRT routine, self medicating though but have researched this topic for years before, so i feel im very well oriented in this matter.

After starting my TRT protocol which consist of 200 mg Test Enanthate every week along with Anazole ( generic Arimidex) 0.5 mg twice a week, i felt eager to start feeling it helping my symptoms. I have learned that it takes app.6 weeks for the body to start showing results but these never came. My first blood test showed Total Test of 1300 and Estrogen at 25 pg/ml. I since tweaked my dosage of test to land in the 900 ish area.

Now to my main question. Last week i did an extensive bloodpanel to find out why my symptoms arent getting better. Still lack of libido, weak erections ( do often have hard morning wood though but i tribute that to the urge to pee/filled bladder)
My blood panel showed the following: Taken on the day of injection, in the morning fasted state.

Total Testosterone : 960 ng/dl ( 249-836)
Free Testosterone 26.7 ng/dl 2.8 %
Bioavailable Testosterone 672 ng/dl 70.10 %
Albumin 4.6 g/dl (3.5-5.20)
SHBG 21.05 nmol/l (18.3 - 54.1)
Estradiol 55.4 pg/ml (25.8 - 60.7 ) Note : The week leading up to the bloodtest i only took 0.5 Anazole, just to see where it would land in this.
Prolactin 15.53 ng/ml ( 4.04 - 15.2 )
Thyroid FT3 3.45 pg/ml ( 2.0 - 4.40 )

An extensive blood panel and very expensive!

As i interpret these numbers , the only thing i would say was out of range was Estradiol at 55, but i didnt feel any different when the level were at 25, which is optimal.

Som im very confused and dont know where to go from here. What can be tweaked?? I know Prolactin can cause my symptoms but i dont think the number is high, even on the higher side but still in the normal range.

I really need qualified advice here guys, hope you can help me out in this matter.

Kind regards. M.

Optimal is individual. Let the E2 run a little and see what happens. Mine is in the low 60’s.

Thank you . You would suggest running this level for some time ??
According to the best doctor in this field, in my oppinion at least, Dr.Rand Mcclain, the best levels should be at 20-25 , for best results inhis patients anand best level to protect against prostate problems as well.
I know we are all different but still, his oppinion should be gold :slight_smile: Thank you for your response

SO, 55 might be high enough to cause sides for you, or it might not. 25 and 65 are the same to me, except I actually feel a little better and randier at 65. Other guys have wicked sides if they go over 35. Either way, I doubt it impacts my prostate at all except that the normal test levels are protective. Let it run.


I second the advice of @hardartery. I was subscribed to the belief that E2 being >30 would mean horrible side effects and a trip to Victoria secret for a bra. The anastrozole was fine at first but gradually my E2 started to tank and it was absolutely miserable. So I went the opposite route and took zero anastrozole and eventually my E2 recovered and got to the level it is now at 75 and I feel so much better it’s unbelievable. Granted my T level is higher than yours as well but I personally feel much better at a higher E level. You just have to figure out what feels best to you and then get a blood test so you know what your ideal levels are for feeling good.


Thanks man.

I was thinking the same thing, to try and drop the Anazole completely ( last time i tried my ankels puffed up with water retention ) but if so, i would try and divide my shots into two every week, to maybe try to battle the high spike in testosterone and thereby adding higher sideffect reactions.
Its worth a try, have different options but all will take time , to let the body see how it works. Thank you for your reply.