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TRT Not Going to Plan

Hi Guys

So I posted a few months back about my struggles to obtain TRT through the NHS. Long story short, I finally managed to obtain it in the form of Tostran gel 2%. Unfortunately, I am unable to provide blood work, but as an overall figure my testosterone before treatment based on the last test was 8.1 nmol. This was on the back of 4 years of feeling like absolute death. The rest of the hormone profile come back normal as did the full bloodwork.

Recently had bloodwork done for the first time since starting treatment (8 weeks in). Full blood work come back fine. Testosterone 9.0 nmol based on 6 pumps a day of tostran gel. Still feeling like death. The most concerning part? The endo is HAPPY with the replacement therapy.

Yes, that’s right. My testosterone is still out of range and they are PLEASED with the recent blood work. The letter, clearly dictated, suggests that they generally like to get levels over 8.0 nmol. So, I’ve gained 1 notch on my testosterone levels (8.1 to 9.0nmol) whilst probably shutting myself down.

Nebido injection has been offered, however, additional consultation regarding that is needed, and the wait for even an appointment is ridiculous.

I have no plan b in place currently. So, I want to pick the brains of those more experienced than me before I go ape. Is there anything I can do to drive my test levels up further? HCGenerate, scrotum application, 1-andro etc? Currently applying to stomach and inner thighs. I just feel like rubbish. I mean, seriously rubbish. Tired, depressed, no drive or zest. You know.

I am 32 years old, have trained for a few years and quite heavily built. I do not need to be told that 9.0nmol is good when it clearly is nowhere near enough for me. What to do now.


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