TRT + Nolvadex + Hcg

Hypothetically, shouldn’t this be ok? My understanding is that serms and hcg shouldn’t be combined while not shut down due to serms increasing LH and hcg mimicking LH, ie not on any exogenous test.

In the instance of being on TRT, this isn’t applicable because you’re shut down, correct?

In this instance a serm won’t increase LH, it will only modulate estrogen receptors, so if one wants to avoid testicular atrophy, wouldn’t adding hcg be ok?

My only thoughts/concern are potentially increasing estrogen too high.


SERMs can and do maintain/increase LH/FSH with TRT. Do labs for LH/FSH. If you stack SERM+hCG you are asking for trouble as a competitive AI cannot address testicular T–>E2.

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Thanks for the reply KSman! I thought you mentioned before that for those who are shut down and on TRT/exogenous source of test, a SERM like nolvadex would NOT trigger ones pituitary to generate LH/FSH?

If it DOES, then wouldn’t a SERM like nolvadex be a viable option to prevent testicular atrophy while on TRT?

So can you take Nolva while on TRT to avoid atrophy? Never mind the HCG.