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TRT Newbie - Looking Forward to the Journey

Hello everyone.
I’ve been on a health/wellness journey for a few years now (37) Im going to a therapist, back to the gym, and I’ve quit drinking but I’m still suffering symptoms of Low-T.
Got in touch with a private health clinic in Ontario that specializes in T-Optimization. They have been absolutely fantastic so far. Incredibly prompt and were willing to work with me on tailoring my TRT in regards to method of administration. They wanted me to start with the topical solution on my :peanuts: but I prefer injecting due to some preliminary research.

When speaking to their in-house pharmacist I asked if I could do sub-q and she said she prefers that, with an insulin pin 2 times/week…which resonates with what I’ve read online. I’ve been prescribed 100mg/week Testosterone enanthate with bloodwork and follow-ups scheduled for the next 12 months. Anyway, I’m incredibly excited to start this journey, any advice is welcome, and I’ll do my best to journal my progress.
Here are my labs

Other than testosterone, what else are you taking? I ask because after 2 weeks you are going to shut down. Then you will feel odd, doctor will test bloods after injection and then lower your dose to 75mg a week. If an AI has been prescribed it will get worse

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Hey Middleages.
Thanks for the quick response!!!
From what I gathered I am to take 100/week for the next 3 months. As long as I’m feeling ok, no bloodwork will be done for 90 days. Nothing else was prescribed. No AI or anything.
I have a zoom meeting with the pharmacist next week when the Testosterone/syringes/swabs arrive to my home, to show me how to inject.Preformatted text

Is there a common 2 week lull? I haven’t read anything about that yet.

It would be nice to know the ranges from the lab just to see how much you really need TRT

Figured it out!! Please let me know if you have any thoughts on my results.

You are gonna hear different opinions here, my opinion is probably the one you won’t like, to me your hormones are ok with room for improvement especially because your LH shows no sign of struggle to make T, maybe diet high in saturated and mono saturated fats, protein, good carbs could help, but it is just my opinion

It’s quite common to experience a TRT honeymoon initially followed by a period described as a regression as your natural production is ceasing while your body attempts to reach homeostasis.

Oh?? No way! My doctor said my numbers were very low for my age, I’d love to be able to raise my test naturally of course. My diet is pretty tight, with some exceptions obviously. Perhaps I’ll bring it up with him next week! Are you looking at the LH which reads 2.2 with reference from 1-7?
Either way, Thanks man!

Thank you!
How long does this usually last for, I’ll definitely keep it in mind during those weeks!

If your diet is already good enough and that’s the best your number can get naturally maybe TRT is the answer man, anyway I wish you all the best man!

Provided your dosage is spot on and protocol is ideal and there isn’t any other surprises (other undiagnosed issues), you should start to feel like you’re coming out of the woods by 6-8 weeks at the latest. That’s not to say you can’t start feeling great at 4-6 weeks.

In the TRT world your mileage may vary greatly.

The majority of patients diagnosed with low-T by healthcare providers have an LH under 3.

How much can you increase your test by diet?

Fingers crossed!!
I’ll keep you guys posted along the way!!

It really depends how good your diet already is, do you hit your calories or eat in a deficit or surplus, also any idea your fat intake?

I hit my macros and eat at a deficit MOST of the time…but it’s not perfect by any means. Either way, say someone is eating garbage and moves to clean eating on point…how much could one expect to increase from diet alone?

Hard to say in numbers how much it would raise but eating in a deficit lowers T, the longer and bigger the deficit the lower the T dives

Fair enough! I don’t really know how to read my bloodwork but I thought mine read 245, if I’m reading it correctly. Lots of guys online saying they try to get their number to 600-800…so I figured increasing my test 100%+ was pretty much impossible. But there’s a very good chance I’m not reading it correctly.

I can only give you this advice cause my knowledge stops here lol, I am also still learning and for sure this place is a really good place to learn