TRT Needed Due To Steroids?

I notice a lot of guys in this forum are getting TRT from their doctors. That makes me wonder, did taking steroids harm their bodies’ abilities to produce testosterone? In general, how likely is it that natural testosterone production won’t rebound fully after a cycle? And how great is the risk that testosterone production won’t fully rebound after 10 years of cycles?

Thank you.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and spit out my assumptions on the ten year cycle thing, because I’m a novice in all other parts.

I just assume that after ten years of cycles, you will have so much muscle gain that your body’s natural T would not be able to actually maintain that mass, so you would have to keep cycling anyways to keep it. So, in my theory, natural T rebounding would be a moot point. I could be very wrong, this is my thinking.

I began HRT due to a preexisting hypogonadism, which is also one of the reasons I started using AAS. I mean what did I have to lose.

As far as recovering after ten years of cycling, I think it is completely possible if you cycle correctly in the first place. Most people who use AAS don’t go ten years with optimal time on and time off, and they tend to just be on most of the time.

This certainly does affect your time to recovery after a cycle. Plus the older you get the lower your capacity to naturally produce testosterone becomes, and having to recovery from a cycle to get back to a normally suboptimal production doesn’t seem too appealing.

There is a point where you pretty much stop using AAS or you go on HRT, which after a couple years of use you’ll pretty much make up your mind. Regardless, even if you’ve used AAS a handful of times and later in life you realize you aren’t producing as much T (from natural decline), there is no way you’ll turn down the opportunity for HRT.