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TRT: Need Some Help

Hi There,
I could use some help in understanding whats up with the TRT and in prep for an upcoming doctors appointment.
I’m 45 years old, active male 6’ about 210lbs ~20%BF. for the past year or so I’ve had less energy and difficulty recovering from exercise. General fatigue. I had my doctor run some blood work and found the following POST TRT lab results:
LH 5.8iu/l (1.2-8.6)reference
FSH 4.3iu/l (1.3=19.3) reference
prolactin 10.6UG/l(2.6-13.1)reference
free test 238 pmol/l *196-636) referenec
total test 10 nmol/l(6-27) refernce

Doctor said it was normal, however, for my age I felt it was too low so pushed for TRT. Started on testim 5g 1 tube per day for 3 months
Ran blood at the end of 2.5 months, and both free test and totat test dropped dramatically - although my estrodiol appears to be normal range.

free test 142 pmol/l *196-636) referenec
total test 7 nmol/l(6-27) refernce.
estrodiol (E2) 85pmol/l 0.0 - 172.00 reference *converts to 23pg/ml ( i understand 20-25 is optimal for male)

The doctor upped the dosage to 1.5 tubes of testim per day. Ran blood work at 5 month mark and test dropped even further. What is going on?

free test 113 pmol/l *196-636) referenec
total test 5.6 nmol/l(6-27) refernce.

Unfortunately, we did not run E2 levels this time, but was perfectly normal just a few months ago so I’m thinking it may be something else.

Is it possible that I just dont absorb transderamals well? Or could it be that its converting to DHT? And if so can that happen and not spike up E2?

Interested to learn of others experiences and what I may explore with my doctor.

thanks in advance for your input

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We know that low thyroid function can lead to skin changes that block transdermal T absorption.
Very few doctors know this.

You will need to self inject:
50mg T enanthate[ethanate] or cypionate twice per week [100mg total per week]
You may need to take 0.5mg anastrozole at time of injection
250iu hCG SC EOD if you do not want testes to shrink and could have a dull ache 24x7

Please check oral body temps as per the thyroid link.
Are your outer eyebrows sparse/thinning?
Get cold easily?
Have you been using iodized salt?

Where are you located?

Thanks. I had no idea that tyroid can be related to transdermal absorption. I had blood test on sensitive TSH 1.2miu/l (0.3-5.5) reference range. From what I’m reading most guys respond better to injections however I’m concerned my doctor may not allow self or frequent injections. Im located in Canada. Thanks

TSH is only part of the thyroid puzzle.

Please check oral body temps as per the thyroid link.
Are your outer eyebrows sparse/thinning?
Get cold easily?
Have you been using iodized salt?

fT3 regulates the metabolic rate of the mitochondria inside your cells and thus your body temperature. So temperature is the bottom line. If rT3 is elevated, it can interfere with fT3.

Thanks. I dont gett cold easily nor are my eyebrows thinning. I think I’ll run some more blood work on thyroid to investigate this further.

Given my e2 is not elevated I’m wondering if the testim is being converted to dht.