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TRT & Mental State


Who here has been on TRT for a while now and feels physically good but mentally not so hot? I'm on TCyponiate and Anastrozol and I feel really good except some days I just don't feel mentally right. I was thinking perhaps HCG might help with some of that but I'm not really sure what to do. Anybody else experience this or experiencing this? If you did and got over it, what did you do? If HCG is the answer, are you seeing a significant lift in mental state?


How long's "a while"? I've been on TRT (TCyp) for 4 months or so now -- no HCG, no AI except an occasional dose of an OTC product (PES Erase) early on after some nip tenderness, which went away -- and I feel great. I was on an antidepressant for years, went off it 2 months ago, and I've been just fine. That said, it was definitely an up and down ride for the first 6 weeks or so, but then things leveled out and have been good since.

How's your thyroid? How's your diet? Food can make a huge difference in mood, particularly if you have an undiagnosed sensitivity to something like gluten or dairy.


My thyroid function has been tested often in the last year and it's fine, all my blook work is good actually. I've been on TRT for about a year now. I finally found a good doc back in March and he's still playing with my dosage a little but overall I physically feel very good. My diet is pretty good usually, I have an occassional binge day... or two but I've been hitting my phsyique goals (dropping BF).

I've just been reading up on HCG a little and apparently it can really help one's mental well being too and was curious to see what others are experiencing and what they've done.


Do not have enough info about you and please keep your case in one thread only. Please see the advice for new guys to see what information is useful.

Some older guys seem to get into a low dopamine induced deep apathy and that is just the next weak link. Any of your systems can create problems.

Post ALL lab work, do not tell us that it is fine. We find diagnostic errors all of the time here.

We seem to find, more often then not, a lot of undiagnosed or untested thyroid problems here.