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TRT Meds From Clinic, Test C/Anastrozole in Same Bottle

How about I’ve waited about 2wks because of the holidays/delays (no big deal) to receive a surprise just a few mins ago.

My Test C and Anastrozole are in the same bottle!

I didn’t plan on starting off with the AI. I brought it up to the doctor in the video call. I was completely unaware of this!

What should I do? Has this happened to any of you before? I’m going to try to get ahold of the patient coordinator to discuss this now.

I am not an AI hater, but I am not a fan of not being able to not take it, or not take it in the amounts I want.

How many mg of anastrozole is in each mL of the Test? I guess if it was like 0.1 mg / mL or under, and the Test was 200 mg/mL, I’d be okay with it.

Thanks for your response!!! It says 200MG/1MG/ML.

The doc originally prescribed 1cc of test c and 1ml of anastrozole a week and gonadorelin twice a week but I asked about splitting the test into two dosages so the bottle says 0.5ml intramuscular twice weekly.

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IMO, 1 mg of anastrozole is per 200 mg of Test is too much AI for the amount of Testosterone for many guys. It is bizarre to me that it is dosed so high. I personally would crash my E2 with it. I could see adding it in as a convenience, but they would have to have all sorts of different AI dosages for that. It’s kinda like the manufacturer of this Test thinks we are all the same.

I know right this is crazy!

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I have seen this before, so you are not the only one. You mentioned talking to the provider. I think that is a good idea. See if you can get just plain old Testosterone Cyp.

I spoke with the patient coordinator a little while ago and I had to send an email request for the non infused test c for future references.

Problem is, I probably have to wait till February because I have a 2 month supply.

That sucks brother. I do my own TRT, but when I was doing it though a clinic, I also bought a vial of UGL Test that was good quality. Not recommending you do that (it may be illegal where you are). Shipping took forever with the clinic, so I wanted to have that extra buffer.

If there’s any way to get that information on how to do my own protocol like how you do please let me know?

Treatment should be individualized to your needs, instead you got a cookie cutter protocol that they use for everyone. I wouldn’t reasonably expect these people to be able to successfully direct your treatment.

Most guys don’t need an AI and it can cause problems even for those that do.

Thanks bro! That’s exactly what they did. From all the TRT/Optimization videos and all that I’ve watched (even still being a newbie and just getting my first round of test c and additional meds today) I feel so disappointed! Shows that at the end of the day all we can do is depend on the Lord Jesus Christ. I put my hope into this Therapy and trusted this clinic which claims to be “transparent”. God forgive me for the rant but I feel like I’m at a standstill and trying to figure whether to just go ahead and take it and possibly add some type of estrogen gel if needed.

I went through with labs and physical to get this because my t levels have been in the dumps and I can feel it.

I use Justin groce at the restore clinic in Tennessee for telemed. He will work with you and listen to what you want and work within that, and you’ll have your drugs before February lol

Just throwing that out there if you’re looking for another provider who doesn’t force AI’s.

Thank you so much for the recommendation brother! I just looked it up and the site gave a message that said that they are only taking telemedicine patients from certain states.

I’m from South Carolina (wasn’t included).

I really appreciate you all!!!

I think I’m going to repost as in help for mixed Test Cypionate: What to do?

Unfortunately, the Lord can’t save you from crashed E2. Your doctor screwed up big time. Make them fix it.

Thanks for the suggestion! The Lord could but I don’t think that would be a need for a miracle.

I didn’t want to wait it out and try a more homeopathic or natural supplement route.

You learn from it, demand cypionate without AI or cut ties with this clinic. If you’re an AI over-responder, you T will go up and estrogen down and you just might feel worse than you do now.

The real problem if you do crash your E2, you might have to wait till the T/AI combo clears your system to get E2 to climb again, that could be weeks and then begins recovering from crashed e2 if you are so unlucky to be an over-responder.

Thanks bro! I was told I needed to send an email to request the test c not to be infused which would be sent to the pharmacy. I did but as far as the 2 months worth I have now…. I’m wondering should I use it?

I asked about an exchange but of course, which I figured; the patient coordinator said from his experience they usually won’t take it back due to tampering reasons.

I really didn’t ask for a refund but maybe I should. I’m afraid I may have to wait till Monday morning when they’ll be open again or just take what I have.

This is dumb all around. Call your doc up and ask him for a more competent protocol

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For a second I thought there were two different patients with the same issue, but its just two separate posts created by you. No need to create two posts my dude! Get on the phone and send that stuff back. Stat!

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