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TRT Major Hair Loss - 6 Years On

I have lost much of my hair since being on 180 mgs of enanthate for trt…my dht hovers around 90…i had played around with steroids for many years between age 18-30 (now 42) …i used to do long cycles 24 weeks on and 6 weeks off, of small doses ot test and whinny …yes i had some haor loss but always came back when i stopped…really always. full head hair…

now on trt my scalp itches insistantly…been to many dr’s many scrips of shampoos …only thing i have not tried is propecia…scared of sides ,but now i am at point i need the hair i have left…any thoughts if propecia can fit into a trt protocol? thx much…possible to regrow of thicken back hair?

Im not sure if anyone here is really up to speed on that. Certainly not more than “many dr’s”

I have seen people take both A5RI’s and TRT and they seemed to be happy…not worth it for me but I guess you gotta decide your priorities. I’d rather wear a wig than a strap-on.