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TRT Losing ~1% BF a Month, Want to Increase the Rate

Injury about three years ago to the brain caused low T with increase in bodyfat, mood problems and all the others. Recreational wrestler staying in shape but after the injury gained about 25 pounds and lost significant cardio performance while continuing to work out. Started TRT 5 months ago and have had nothing but positives. Mood, Strength, Cardio, and body composition. It has been good but I would like to increase the rate of recovery.

Currently I am taking 150 MG a week of TCyoponate with HCG and anastozole. I have no complicating health issues and love more T. Feel great with no unpleasant side effects however the dosage I have played with is only approximately 250 MG a week. I would like to try Winsterol to test my tolerance to the joint pain associated with it.

Can anyone suggest dosages, cycle length Etc. to test my tolerance to Winne? After establishing tolerance my goal is to maintain or slightly increase muscle mass and reduce body fat. I have access to additional Anastrozol and TCyponate. New to this and not set on adding Winsterol, other suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Congrats on the life improvements. I’d keep at it, bring up your training and nutrition while you’re at it- not saying it isn’t good as I assume it is good with your results.
Joint pain with winstrol is over stated in my opinion, some must get it but I think it’s mostly parroted info. It’s great for freeing up test, hardening, vascularity, lean look, explosiveness, and ok for strength and muscle gains and certain benefits depending on cycle and goals. When you’re ready, give it a try. I love it but it does absolutely trash my lipids and starts to feel like poison if I stay on too long. 50mg a day is a good dose and many ways to do it. I like 4 on and 4 off repeat with all orals except Var and Tbol, but 6 weeks is fine.


You are correct there is room for improvement on my nutrition as I will be cutting out all alcohol.

I am planning on continuing my TRT protocol unchanged, is there a downside to that, anything I need to look out for with the increase in Free T?

More gains, hardening, libido. Maybe some acne from the winny.

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I would cut the alcohol for 6weeks and see how you go from that alone.

Then hit the Winny. It never gave me joint pains, but I also don’t think it gave me good results either. Still, it’s worth a shot as everyone responds differently.

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All nice advice thanks, let you know how it goes.

stay away from winny its useless and causes sides you rather good without drugs like that are used for competition, instead look up a better alternative = just diet naturally incorporate some HIT or cardio and you will eventually get the body you desire within a years time if you really are losing 1% per month thats great.

I suggest adding a cycle of masteron or tren at your current Test Cyp level. You’ll see a significant difference. Especially with tren but it comes with side effects. For me it was major night sweats and crazy hunger. Plus my wife didnt like me when on tren FYI.

That is in the plan, I have had unpleasant effects in the past and my plan is to try a few of the popular ones that build strength and not a whole lot of mass one at a time to judge side effects and make sure that I know what is causing problems or working like a champ. I just decided to try Winstrol first due to some people loving it and some hating it. Wanted to know which one I am.

OR Stanozolol, Winny

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Thanks for the advice, started low on dosage, 20mg, moved to 30 then 40. Unpleasant joint pain that interfered with my workouts. I reduced dosage to 30 then back to 20 then stopped at about the 4 week point due to the unpleasant joint pain. Good gains in strength and cardio. BF has dropped 8.2% from the beginning of TRT in august. Winnie is for me at the 20mg dose, nothing above that. Now time to test reaction to Primo. any advice on dose Ect?

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From what I know… Primobolin is the best of the best! very exciting for you to try a cycle but it does take a while to work its magic, be sure to dose for 16 weeks clen dieting, any oral supplements you will be taking at the same time? also, im aware you have to dose this at a pretty high amount, youll want to pin about 600 mg/week.

I am not necessarily looking for maximum gains on this run only to test my reaction to the substance. I normally eat clean, get plenty of protein and run multi vitamins. I started at (i know it is low) 50mg every 3 days and will increase the dose until I get negative sides. I am not a body builder just a submission wrestler. Since I started in August I have recovered sooo much better and have little to no ongoing injuries, everything has been healing up faster. A welcome gift for a 46 year old. I am not in a hurry for anything and have stuck to making a single change at a time so I can identify what is causing any uncomfortable sides. Since I started I learned that I am among the 1% that gets headaches from Clomiphene and I react well to Winne but have to keep to a lower dose. This will be interesting to find out about the Primo. Soo far so good thanks

just came to me but 4-500 dollars a month just for Primo is a little above what my wife would let me get away with. I personally don’t look forward to finding a place to pin 6ml of gear every week. Are you sure you need that much for it to do anything?

Ive never stacked Primobolin but from all of my reading on this forum and other forums I have learned that Primo needs to be taken at a large dose to see results you want from it. Having said that you aren’t looking for a complete physique rebuild you simply want to see how your body reacts to the substance so try some reading on other forums besides here, youtube videos, etc… and see what you can find. Let me know some of your findings and your body’s reaction, I am intrigued

Primobolin report
I believe that everyone is correct that high dosages are required for quick effect. I did notice that there was immediately a serious increase in “pump”. I found that the arm and shoulder pump was so severe that it would interfere with cardio exercises and any grappling exercises. The last three or four minutes of a ten minute round would be nearly immobile on my shoulders. I believe that it is an effective bodybuilding substance but not for a grappling athlete. It was debilitating. FYI I started with 200mg/wk went to 300mg then stopped. Not the gear for me. Not unpleasant but wasn’t doing what I wanted.

When I was on TRT, I took a mere 100mg Primo a week. Although you are looking for fast gains, you won’t find it at that dose. I can attest to its immune system properties – never got sick while being exposed to different colds – and say that it helped with plateaus week over week while switching up training to break through. Maybe it was placebo, maybe it wasn’t. At the cost of 4 Smoothies at the juice bar, it was worth it to me at least.

Been on TRT a while and did my first cycle. I found no reason to go down to my previous TRT dose after. I’m going to run 100mg primo on top of 250mg test e due to my personal experience with this compound for my cruise.

Just wanted to update a little. I am hyper sensative to Primo, I revisited it and have found a mere 25 MG per week will affect me in the positive more than that it affects my athletics. I have also found Deca is true to the side effects and results in poor sexual performance and libido. Drop that shit like a Kitty rocka on my dogs beard. trying Tren. Let everyone know.

Don’t know what your taking but it Primo is often faked. I have paid big $ and got stuff that was anabolic but I don’t think it was primo, more likely a mix of test prop to substitute the sting you are known to get with genuine primo. Perhaps some deca mixed in if you are getting a drop of libido.
Primo as the ultimate steroid is either a myth, or most people can’t get the genuine article and end up with substitutes that are more likely to give you negative sides.
If primo is so good and has low side effects why isn’t it prescribed by all western healthcare? Pretty much only testosterone and deca are available from genuine reputable pharma labs for human consumption in 1st world countries.