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TRT Long Term Damage? Not Looking Good

Ok so I’m 42 and went on TRT for about 5-6 months last year. My test was naturally at 620 however the doc put me on a plan stating I needed to be at least 800-900. At the time I had no idea and then after research I decided to stop.

Problem is that wince then my balls have shrunk to almost non-existence, can no longer sleep like I used to, gained a ton of weight in belly / thighs (cant even fit my legs into pants any longer), no erections at all or sex drive and way more emotional then I’ve ever been. I eat super healthy and exercise everyday (cardio and weight training).

Am I screwed?

Probably not, but it depends.

How long ago did you quit TRT?

I’m 55 now and went on at 51, was on for four years, then got off for four months. When I started TRT my test was 170. After four months off, it was 250.

Testicular atrophy resolved mostly during my hiatus.

I went cold turkey with no PCT. If you have a doctor that will work with you, you might look at running a proper PCT and see what happens. Otherwise, give it 4-6 months and get tested again.

The compositional issues you are experiencing would be expected after quitting T without a PCT.

Good luck.

Testosterone at 620 on it’s own isn’t saying much, if SHBG were elevated Free T would then be low or at least sub-optimal where symptoms are experienced. Sounds like your testicles aren’t functioning properly and you more than likely need TRT for life.

Describe your original TRT protocol and why you quit TRT.

You need to run a PCT, Nolvadex or Clomid, preferably Nolva.

Thanks for the quick responses. Appreciate it.

The doc put me on two pins of 250 a week. i initially went in because I was just so damn tired all the time and wanted to get checked out. I had no idea the 620 wasn’t low and when I did research and found out that’s when I stopped. Stupid on my part but desperate.

I’ve been off of it now since December.

I was on TRT for almost 3 years and stopped abruptly, it only took 4.5 weeks for testicles to drop and start producing T again, yours should have by now. Low energy could be thyroid related, a world where “in range” doesn’t mean much. It could even be your adrenals, iron deficiency etc.

That’s a hefty weekly dose!

Well if you needed TRT to begin with your HPTA was already shut down, so TRT can’t make it any worse.