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TRT Log: SubQ Nebido Protocol 0.05ml/ed


I thought to post my trt journey. Not really looking for answers, just sharing.

I have been diagnosed with secondary hypogonadism 2.5 years ago.

  1. Letrozole monotherapy: got decent T-levels, crashed E2 and lost libido
  2. Tostran testosterone gel: kicked in fast and left me with “soft” head (brain fog): memory problems, problems even with walking straight.
  3. Sustanon with and without anastrotzole: same rollercoaster of hell as with Tostran
  4. Exemestane monotherapy: lower T-levels than with Letrozole. Lethargic.

So, I tried few weeks with Sustanon 250mg with dosing of 0.1ml/eod. It was best so far, but still got me someway kind of light headed. After injection (0.5-1 hours later) I would feel like king of the world. Then would come some kind of restlessnes (hard to concentrate) and after that some brain fog and tiredness. Like fast mild manic phase and then mild depression and tirednes.

I do not know - am I crazy or wtf were happening? Am I some kind of “fast metabolizer”?

Well, anyways… Started Nebido 1000mg/4ml on monday 5.11.2018 (subcutaneous). It have longest half life (14 days, afaik), so I should respond to it slowly.

Monday: 0.3 ml (done)
Tuesday: 0.3 ml (done)
Wednesday: 0.2 ml (done)
Thursday: 0.1 ml
Friday: 0.1 ml
Saturday: 0.1 ml
Sunday: 0.1 ml
then 0.05 ml ED

Quess what? I am feeling pretty good already. I can feel Nebido kicking in 0.5 hours after injection and I still have some mild “period of manic joy” (I have even been dancing to music, lol). I don’t know how this is possible, but I think that my crappy life has ended… And new, better one has started. Yay!

So, here is what my protocol looks in theory:

Will do some bloodwork on morning of Thursday 15.11 as then there should be peak of my protocol. free calculated T, overall T, E2, SHBG, LH to see if endogenous production has stopped… I’ll keep posting.

Hey man I am planning on doing something similar with Nebido

How habe you been doing so far?