TRT Log: Dialing In Still, Desperately Need Help - ED Issues

It took me 6 weeks after starting TRT to come out of the fog.

28 days of injections. Did my labs today. Some days are super good, some even worse than before (only some symptoms). A lot of High Estradiol symptoms from what I read. The worst is anxiety - it’s elevated for sure. Best is libido, it’s strongest libido I’ve had since using AD drugs.

Will be switching to everyday injection so maybe it will help with my estradiol, then if labs confirm high E2 - I will go with small dose of AI.

Thanks guys!

I’ve been taking clomid for a short time. My numbers improved, but I started feeling WORSE.

Clomid rarely resolves symptoms. I could not understand why. Its not like E2 jumped. Just this is a very bad acting drug.

So here are my 1st labs after one month of Test Prop 33mg EOD
Labs were done just before next injection.

Total Testosterone: 13,99 nmol/l (9.9 - 27.9)
Estradiol: 45,13 pg/ml (7,63 - 42,6)

Waiting for SHBG and Free T

Can someone clever can say something clever? :slight_smile:

You’re estrogen dominant, Total T is not even mid-range and estrogen is over the top.

Any advices what I can do about that? Switch to EveryDay Injections (EOD right now), lose fat and use AI till I will lose enough fat and try again without AI? Any insights about testosterone dosage? I need more?

The hole point to daily injections is to ditch the AI, no more having to worry about crashing estrogen or playing the high low estrogen game.

I need a great deal less T on daily injections, 7-10mg gets me about the same as 20-25mg EOD and I think that’s why there is such a noticable difference between the two, no excess on daily injections.

My hematocrit is lower by 4% on daily injections versus EOD.

Next Labs, SHBG after 1 month of TRT - 23,68 nmol/l (11,4 - 52,3)

Good thing you’re on a daily protocol.

I suggest you change the injections with scrotal cream.

Aromatization there is less for sure.

What is your body fat percentage?

Even when I had 20 excessive kg I did not aromatize so much but this is also very genetic

I have some fat, that I should lose. That’s for sure, but not like obese or smth. Diet for sure should be change. I guess I am in love with injections, cream has it’s own flaws.

Free Testosterone 15,62 9,1 - 32,2

So it’s super low, so I guess I should up a dosage. Any recommendations? I did labs just before the injection so my testosterone was ad the bottom.

Do you take metformin? I strongly suggest you start it

I will try to avoid other substances especially drugs as much as I can.

well metformin is not to be avoided by 90 percent of the Earth population

Ok, can you say something more about why to take it etc.? And why it’s better than Berberine? Thanks

Berberine also works but metformine is just better, controlled by FDA and has a slow release version.

its widely studied and there ARE NOT LONG term side effects or negative effects except you need to take B12 with it. It basically creates a low insuline environment in the body that is healthy from all perspectives except if you wanna gain mass.

My personal experience - the first 3 weeks felt horrible but now I cannot imagine stopping it. It has decreased tremendously my appetite and allows me to control my nutrition and not to feel hungry all the time. I take now 1000mg XR

Hello Guys, need Your help once again. I am 6 weeks on TRT. Things are sometimes better, sometimes not, but the worst part is libido. I had 4 weeks of good libido and now 2 weeks of flatline even worse Erection and libido than before starting. Tommorow I will do labs.

You probably went too far, levels may need to come down, but realise it’s only been 6 weeks and that isn’t enough time for your body to actually use the new hormone levels. TRT can work slowly for some men often showing incremental improves over months.

Unless excess levels can explain the crappy libido, you just need to give TRT more time to work, but if you keep changing dosages all the time you will never show benefit on TRT. Libido can take the longest to improve because other systems are not optimal.

Berberine did nothing for me.