TRT Log: Dialing In Still, Desperately Need Help - ED Issues

28 Years Old, Afraid of TRT. Low FT and TT. 3 Years of SSRI use.

Attempted two HPTA Restarts. Felt very good on 1st one, especially after first 14 days with HCG.
2nd restart was with Clomid only and slow tapering, but none of the effects I felt before. I finished taking clomid last Saturday and made my Labs on Monday.

My Free Test was like a Perfect and My Estradiol was in range - but today, 4 days after quitting I felt sluggish, sleppy and depressed with no Libido. But from the other hand - It seems pointless to go TRT route right now, cause my labs are top notch, right?

My Labs:


FT - 12,20 pg/ml Range: 4,5 – 42
TT - 321 ng/dl R: 249 – 836

ESTRADIOL - 36,64 pg/ml R: 7,63 – 42,6
SHBG - 17,5 nmol/l R: 17,3 – 65,8


TT - 1066 ng/dl R: 249 - 836

ESTRADIOL 80,50 pg/ml R: 11,30 - 43,20
SHBG: 29,23 nmol/l R: 18,30 - 54,10

Month After Restart

FT : 14.86 pg/ml R: 1.00 - 28.28
TT: 501.73 ng/dl R: 47.01 - 980.56
Estradiol: 26.60 pg/ml R: 11.30 - 43.20
SHBG: 30.51 nmol/l R: 18.30 - 54.10

After 2nd Restart Clomid Standalone (with Tapering)

FT: 27,50 pg/ml Range R: 1,00 -28,28
TT: 568,18 ng/dl Range R: 47,01 – 980,56
ESTRADIOL: 42,40 pg/ml R:11,30 – 43,20
SHBG: 23,87 nmol/l R: 18,30 – 54,30


Is it worth to go TRT or even consider it or my restarts were success?

Is it possible to feel tragic or with no change with that kind of labs, because of Clomid or HCG use?

It would seem you are ignoring your own symptoms and fixating on labs, I don’t understand your fear of TRT, you should fear drugs, chemicals that take the body outside of a natural state.

Another restart is pointless and seems like a waste of time, restarts rarely work unless the cause of low testosterone is addressed and corrected. You did your restart and doesn’t sound like you had any plan to search for the cause of low testosterone, it seems you were expecting the clomid to do all the work.

A cause for low testosterone could be iron deficiency, poor sleep and depression/stress.

You fear a hormones, but not drugs, I guess I just do not get it. So you go on TRT and shutdown your HPTA which isn’t doing you any favors, I say good riddance.

I’m willing to bet your levels are declining after only 4 days which indicates another failed restart attempt.

It’s time for TRT, the only thing holding you back is fear.

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Truth been said, lots of valid points. Only reason for my low T i can see in my life is my past SSRI use. How to address that symptom when even docs don’t know in which way these meds are screwing us. But damage was done.

Also I was not feeling good on the whole clomid restart.

Thanks for your help, means a lot

Managed healthcare by design does not offer a cure, rarely do they look for the cause of your medical condition, they treat the symptoms and move on to the next patient. If doctors cures you, it will be almost certain you will not return for further treatment, doctors do not do charity, they are in a business to generate money for the pharmaceutical companies by dishing out prescription drugs.

You go to the doctor with ED and depression and you are scripted viagra and antidepressants when testosterone is low normal and likely the problem.

TRT is low cost, low profit and prevents and treats disease, some would call that a cure. TRT is restricted and demonized by medical doctors, yet treats and prevents disease, so I do not see the problem.

I have a question: On your first restart, you say you “felt very good”… what specifically were you experiencing?

Your numbers while in the drugs are pretty much irrelevant. Everything drops off a cliff when you stop, and then a month or so later you will know where you are really at as far as natural levels go. So you actually have no idea at all what your labs really are, and the elevated E2 would be directly related to the Clomid that’s still in your system.

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During this restart I didn’t miss my training even once. I was strict on diet, with cheat meal on weekend. I lost 10 kg and I still progressed on every training. I was working more and my life was more efficient. I quit smoking. I was more decisive. After heavy drinking night I could woke up and be with no hangover. I have my best sexual intercourse since stopping AD’s (I stopped them around 3-4 years ago) and I was drunk when fucking - still manage to have erection. Thats how I felt on first restart.
And remember my Estradiol was twice as upper range, can’t imagine what it will be if it will be in range.

I will go TRT then.

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Hey man, you should update us when you start TRT and log your experience.

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@systemlord can You say your testimony about testicle shirnkage and fertility? I want to go only test, no hcg/no AI

Have my 1st injection Today - 30mg of Prop (will be pinning EOD)

2nd injection - effects none despite of little more moodiness, slightly more libido and tingling in balls.

it’s gonna take about 3 to 6 weeks to feel effects from TRT. If you are using cyponiate, a bit faster if its enathate. I would not over think your symptoms until its built up enough in your system to really start having effects. Again this takes at least a few weeks.

1st week behind me. 33mg PROP EOD - slightly better libido and regeneration.
Funny feeling in my balls. Nothing more beside that.

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He’s using Propionate. Very short ester, wouldn’t hurt to pin daily with this.

EOD will not do the trick?

I have no direct experience with it, so you will know better than any of us in a week or so. It has a 4.5 day half-life, so in theory that should be fine, but I’ve seen PED protocols favouring smaller every day shots. I honestly don’t know which works better.

I heard about frequency too - with my SHBG Every day should be reasonable. But If I will manage with EOD, then I will be pinning myself less. Worth to try - will be updating.

2 weeks and 5 days of injections. No positive effects yet, super moody, less libido, more sleep, huge brainfog. Starting to feel depressed.

Patience brother, your body is in limbo right now if you have only been on for 19 days.