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TRT Literally Makes Me Remember Previous Ages


Hi Guys!

The feeling I get at certain levels literally makes me remember how I felt when I was younger. Like I feel transported back to different times in my life. It's really weird. Today I felt just like I did when I was 18 years old and dating a couple of girls. I could work all day, party all night and seemed never to tire. I also thought about sex 24/7 no matter what. The feelings I get from TRT make me remember times in my life just like a smell can make you remember something.

Does this happen to anyone else? I freaking love it.

C Hunter


I was surprised when I noticed the exact same thing when commencing TRT 18 months ago. You described it perfectly.

I also experience euphoric peaks with daily subcutaneous prop injections (the only type of T I have access too), which was a nice surprise.

Curiously, I did plenty of gear in the past when I was much younger and didn't notice either of these things.

One of the best things I've noticed is that it seems to make even the ugliest of women look as good as they did when I was 16 years old - gentlemen, we have found the miracle drug of all time.


I totally agree!!!!~ This makes me look at women like when I was a teen, lol. But now I am married and have much better control over myself!

I think that the trick with this is to find each person's sweet spot. Everyone is different and I learned a ton from reading Dr. Shippen's book and Dr. Crisler's book. Before that I got all my info from the web. Although the web is very helpful, the books gave me a foundation and helped alot.

About to start HGH to go along with my TRT. Can't wait to see what happens. Stuff is EXPENSIVE though...


I'd absolutely love to try growth hormone, but it would be way out of reach for me to adhere to for the long term if I wanted to stay on it. It's nice to dream though :slight_smile: .

Let us know how you get on with it when it kicks in.

Adding low dose masteron to TRT looks interesting on the surface and is something I want to look into further

I agree with you about finding the sweet spot.. I did some experimenting recently and discovered that 70mg per week of prop somehow had me swinging a baseball bat for five days straight. This surprised the hell out of me as I experimented with doses up to 1.5 grams when I was younger and didn't experience anything like that at all - talk about intriguing!


I'm a long time cruiser and i feel like i did when i was 18 only wiser and with way more injuries. Its quite a paradox. I'm in my 50's and I'm one of the few guys at work without a pot belly and sunken chest and shoulders.


It's a shame how bad people's lifestyle has become. Mine included but I have managed to fix a lot of it. What you're saying with men in their 50s is true for most men in their 20s and 30s as its a very non lifting/health conscious population in most of the world. 6/10 people of any age sport some sort of pot belly and weak stature. I ask myself this question all the time, that how does this happen to so much of our population and I'm have problems with hormones that play a key role in this.


The thing about the 20-30 year olds you mention is that they still have the hormone profile to make substantial changes. Most men my age do not. Plus years of inactivity coupled with stress and a desk job all combine for a weak physique.

If you have low T I would urge you to address it now. Dont wait. It does not get better! If you cant find a decent Dr to help, then take matters into your own hands.


I have begun TRT after loads of consideration. I am 25, but the lack of results in the gym relative to the effort is the last of the reasons I went to the doctor. I had lost all Interest in sex and I became self loathing and depressed for 3-4 and it just wouldn't seem to pass. My relationship suffered, my career has suffered and my mental health has suffered. I could not function. It's been 4-5 weeks, I haven't felt any difference yet. Hope it'll be worth it.


Sounds like me when I was 40ish. Tried a lot of crap...transdermals, bio-identicals, etc. Nothing really worked until i found a dr willing to inject test cyp. Now i inject myself and levels that make me feel great. Before, i barely felt normal.

How much are you taking, how often, and what are you doing for estrogen issues?


I'm doing 50mg twice a week T enanthate subQ. 250iU hCG EOD and .75mg anastrozole a week. Labs look good now. E2 at 22.9, TT:1127, FT: 20 (9-30.4)

I may be a slow responder. When did you first start experiencing effects of T?


I started to feel real differences in about 2 weeks. Your numbers look great and you're still dragging ass? Any thyroid issues?


BTW, I've always done IM shots. Dont know if that makes a difference in absorption or not


I am no doctor but I seem to already know more than some doctors do - it is amazing how many of them will script things for you even when they don't know anything about it, lol.... I would read the books I noted by Dr's Shippen and Crisler. Dr Shippen is widely recognized as a TRT guru and Dr. Crisler learned from him. Different applications have beneficial effects on the body.

For example, I am using 200 mg a week (2 shots a week) of Testosterone Cypionate, 500 units of HCG to maintain natural production, and some Arimidex to control conversion to estrogen + 50mg a day of generic Androgel for it's high conversion to DHT (which has a powerful libido effect). You just have to watch that DHT and PSA (prostate indicator) because if you are genetically prone to balding or to have an enlarged prostate it can make you lose your hair or enlarge your prostate.

The thing I have found is that every person is different. You almost can't use test results and dosages of other people to gauge the effect on you. And the "sweet spot" (the point of the best results) is different for each person also. The Dr's go over these things in the books. Having a knowledgeable doctor means they will not be afraid to prescribe what you need. My doses are a bit on the high side and we may reduce them in time if I can keep the good results. I am not a professional body builder. But I do work out about 4 times a week with weights and the results are amazing. If you have been doing TRT for 4-5 weeks, you should be seeing results soon. Common issues where people don't see results can be from Testosterone being converted to Estrogen. Or if your natural production drops off and you end up back where you started - basically just replacing your natural production with exogenous T. You just won't believe how great life can be when you get the proper balance dialed in. I have experienced both (I am 37) and you just are going to be so happy when you find your "sweet spot." Just be sure your doctor is one who specializes in HRT / TRT is a big step in the right direction. I changed docs immediately when I realized mine didn't even know to include Estradiol in my blood labs. Proceed with optimism but caution too. I have no fear - but I am cautious.

What is your protocol (meds and dosage) and do you have any labs since you started?


Not anything obvious. Labs look good for thyroid. Body temps are lowish in morning but good in the afternoon and evening. So don't know. It's worrying that it's not working as yet but I have seen countless people taking more than 6-8 weeks to feel something so I am trying to not panic.


Yes I just posted above my protocol. I have done countless readings, this has been a big change and shock. I have never taken anything other than antibiotics in my life. My numbers look okay now as you can see. I'll be patient for a month or so and then evaluate. Some take more time to respond than others.


Those numbers do look good. Hmmm. My benefits kicked in after 3-4 days on the Androgel generic (I started with that doing 100mg a day). Injections seem to take longer. I go to Walk In Labs and order my own blood labs. The docs Shippen and Crisler like to see:

  1. Testosterone Total:
  2. Testosterone Bioavailable:
  3. Testosterone Free:
  4. SHBG:
  5. LH:
  6. FSH:
  7. DHT: This needs to be top or above top of range for peak libido it seems.
  8. DHEA-S
  9. Estradiol (sensitive assay only):
  10. Chemistries:
  11. CBC:
  12. PSA:
  13. Prolactin:
  14. Cortisol:
  15. HGH:

I just ordered all but CBC, Cortisol and prolactin. Seriously, research online and reading a book by a doctor with 20+ years of experience is not the same thing. I would get the Amazon Kindle app on your phone from the play store and download Dr. Crisler's book first. It is only 7.99 for the e-book version on Kindle App. If you are serious about getting healthy I would read that and go from there. I don't get anything from them - I just did tons of research too and they gave the best info I have seen yet.


Yes I have read his book. I missed somehow to mention it in the last post


But I am also paying out of pocket for everything. For your insurance to pay for it you might need to ask your doc to order additional labs for you. Not sure how the cost would be. This cost me around $490 I think. It was the Men's Hormone Extreme Panel # 3 + I added on SHGB because it was not included. Results back on Friday.

One thing I can tell you for CERTAIN - if you have a day where you feel great, slept well the night before, have a surge in libido, energy and mood, I recommend going that very day and having the above labs run. I missed my first chance to do that and the great feelings went away. Getting labs on a day of great benefits gives you the target to shoot for. I had it happen again the other day and dropped everything and went straight to Walk In Labs (online), ordered the labs and went to Labcorp with my printed orders to give them the blood.



It may well, that's why i am trying to not panic and give myself time to adjust. Morning wood is more obvious now, and i have experienced night time erections a couple of times as well since starting, just like when i was 16-18. So some changes, 8-12 weeks in, i can start to think about other issues.


That is what happened to me too when it started to be a noticeable thing. I think you are on the right track my friend. I hope it helps you as it does me. It has changed my life. Based on what you said there and my personal experience, I feel confident that you are on the precipice of greatness!!!! :slight_smile: