TRT Labs Question, Help Please

I’ve been taking 125mg a week of Testosterone Cypionate for about 6 months. Just had my testosterone levels checked by Doctor at VA. Total Testosterone 730 ng/dl Free Testosterone Serum was 51 pg/ml and % Free Testosterone was .7 My doctor said that he would like to now test PSA, TSH, FSH, SHGB. I haven’t told him I’ve been on TRT bc I’m hoping that the VA will help me get it. My question is simple. Should I stop taking my weekly shot, wait a couple weeks for my T levels to crash and then go do the new blood work, or should I continue with my weekly dose and let the chips fall where they lay? If I stop T I was thinking of taking some clomid but don’t know what would look the best from a pharmacology view for my numbers to show I’m a good candidate for TRT but now from my doctor ilo the internet. Any thoughts?

The VA really isn’t where you want to get your treatment for something like TRT. I’ve had my blood tested by VA and because 335ng/dl is “in range”, I was told that I’m not a candidate (I’m 28). Since you’re already on TRT, I think the wise choice would be to continue treatment with your current clinic; one blood test showing you’re over the natural range and you should expect the VA to cause a lot of problems for your treatment regimen.

On a different note, I don’t think intentionally crashing your T levels in hopes for treatment is going to help you get what you want - considering the VA already knows your current TT and FT levels.

I wouldn’t bother getting TRT through the VA!

This will end in a flat out denial of TRT.

Thank you for serving. I see many veterans as well as active military. As the others mentioned, I’d stay with your current doctor. If they do the correct tests, they should be able to see what is going on anyway, whether it was stopping testosterone or taking clomid.

This is on your own or via a doctor outside the VA? From posts on here it seems like the VA is near impossible to work with when it comes to hormones. It’s worth paying someone else for quality care.

As for your plan, he’s already tested TT/FT, no need to crash those now.

I’m sorry that you’re doctor won’t give you TRT at the VA but each patient is different. I’m also not 28, I’m 41. I don’t see what the harm in getting Testosterone from the VA is. My doctor has been very open and receptive to the idea and just wants the labs to support the decision to prescribe it. To answer your previous question, I’m not currently getting TRT from a Dr. I am doing it myself. I have gone to T clinics before and they had me on 220mg a week plus Deca 300mg a week which I thought was too much and was more of a cycle. My Total Test off TRT was around 285. So if I can get the VA to give me 100-125 mg a week why wouldn’t I go for it. I think the replies I have received missed the point of the OP. But I sincerely thank all those who have contributed to this discussion.

I’m confused why you didn’t start by having these labs assessed by the VA instead of your self-prescribed TRT labs. You’re in a tough situation now of having to explain to your primary that you were self administering which is why your numbers were in range; your doc will likely make you go entirely off TRT for some time to allow your HPTA to restart for a valid test.

I understand why you want to use the VA, I’ve simply never heard a success story when it comes to the VA and TRT is all. I hope your run works out for you though.

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You make a great point. My PCP knows that I used a T clinic before but stopped. The whole conversation came about when I asked him to include TT/FT in my blood work labs I get. Honestly I had no idea he would consider prescribing it to me just wanted to see where my levels were including HCT so I could titrate up or down accordingly. When FT came back low he was the one who said he needed to check TSH, PSA, FSH and SHGB before the VA would approve the protocol so my question was really do I come clean w/him about self administration TRT, do I stop TRT a few weeks before the labs or do I just keep on taking it myself because I have enough gear for two years at present. You’re right. I’m in a tough situation. What I want to know is what happens to my SHGB and other hormones when I stop TRT. Do they all drop significantly usually. I totally screwed myself by juicing hard and heavy from 20’s-30’s. I am pretty much dead down there without T now.

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I don’t have a great answer for you. Your TT will plummet and other elevated levels (e2 and SHBG) will slowly lower but not at the rate of your TT. FSH and LH will take time to rebound from 0. The responses seem widely different from one person to the next.

I can’t answer what you should do, but if you don’t want to come clean with your PCP, you’re going to want to stop TRT, restart your HPTA ASAP, and then come off HPTA reboot protocol with 4-6 weeks to spare before getting your bloods drawn for TRT evaluation… You basically need to get back to “normal” ASAP if that is the route you want to go.

I have heard that some doctors will place it in your record if you disclose you’ve used AAS before, so do with this information as you will.

Thank you for your advice. I definitely appreciate it. Yes it is in my record that I have used AAS before. I don’t believe in keeping things from my doctor and I feel guilty that I’ve not disclosed to him that I’ve been on a TRT based protocol by myself. We have a pretty good relationship. I broke my neck (service related injury) and I was on painkillers for a long time and when I wanted to get off them I had an honest conversation with him about it and we worked together to get me off them. When my HCT was super high and causing secondary polycythemia I told him my dose at the T clinic and he recommended I stop or lower my dosage to a more realistic one for TRT (75-150mg/wk was his suggestion). Anytime I’ve asked him for help with something he’s been there. Doctors like that are 1 in a million and to find one at the VA is like hitting the powerball and Mega Millions at the same time. I think I’m just going to keep my self administered protocol and do the blood work. When the numbers come back, I’ll just have an honest conversation with him about it and if he can help me great. If he can’t, well there’s plenty of sources out there, and I know he’ll at least keep testing my numbers bc he cares about my health. It’s not like I don’t have plenty of Cypionate on hand. I’ve got like two plus years worth.

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