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TRT Labs. Need to Manage E2

Hey everyone, I am currently 8 weeks into TRT using test-cyp 80mg every Tuesday and Friday. No HCG and no AI although I have arimidex on hand. I was hoping by splitting my injections twice a week, my E2 would be at a stable level. I got blood work done 2 weeks ago on a Friday pre injection, which was my 6th week and unfortunately my E2 came in at 68.

Weeks 4-6 i have noticed extreme bloating, so I had a strong feeling my E2 would come back high with my blood results. I started taking arimidex .25 EOD since the day of my blood work. My bloating is gone, but my libidio and morning wood is gone as well. Right now i have no sexual desire. Did I possibly crash my E2? I’m thinking about changing up my arimidex to .25 twice a week on injection days and getting blood work done again in a few weeks. Advice is appreciated and t

hank you!

You’re taking 160 mg of Test/week. The rule of thumb for Adex is 1mg/100mg of Test. So you should be in the 1.6 mg of Adex/week range.

At your 0.25mg EOD, thats about 1 mg/week. Maybe you need to increase it more?

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You’re going against what’s recommended here, your dosage is too high, your levels are too high and you wonder why E2 is high. Your SHBG is low enough to where you can’t hold onto all of that testosterone anyway and are clearing out most of it faster than someone with midrange SHBG, your holding on to your estrogen for far longer.

Most chuckle at reducing their doses because they believe higher levels are associated with recovery of erections and libido they sorely miss, but fail to understand higher levels of estrogen inhibit testosterones effect on receptors and cause backwards progress and prolong suffering.

50mg twice weekly will see the large majority of men with high normal levels requiring minimal AI dosages or perhaps no AI at all. I have no issues with E2 with 50mg twice weekly.

With lower SHBG you need to heed the advise about lowering your dose.

Inject T subq twice a week and take anastrozole at time of injections.

hCG is to preserve testes and fertility. For many guys, tiny testes and a shrunken scrotum are not part of their sexual self-image and wive/GF will care as well.

You need E2 standalone lab after been on a steady protocol of T and anastrozole for one week or 10 days. Some are over-responders who need 1/4th of the expected doses.

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