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TRT Labs and Thoughts?

23/10/2020 Testo 120 mg splitted M,W,F ; Finas 0,075 M,W,F, no AI

Testo 10,61 Ref 2.40- 8.71
Prolactin 18,37 Ref 2.58- 18.12
Estradiol 44 Ref Under 80
TSH 0,955 Ref 0.28- 3.89

17/06/2020 Testo 120 mg splitted S,W ; no AI, Finas 1 mg S,W
Testo 6,9
Prolactin 17,91
Estradiol 39
TSH 1,58
Shbg 20,7 Ref 13.50- 71.40 (it is always like this, 25 at most)

11/02/2020 Testo 120 mg splitted S,W ; with AI, Finas 1 mg S,W
Testo 7,24
Estradiol 27
Prolactin 10,33

AI (arimidex) was a very low dose 0.05 mg even less, seems like the best results are the ones from february taking an AI
I don´t like prolactin that high how ever i don´t have any symthoms of high E2, i believe high prolactin is from high E2 which i should control either by reducing dose or using very low dose of an AI
Any thoughts

Which set of labs do you feel best at? That’s the question.

Guessing the ones from feb, but then again i’d like not to take any AI

Your Test was highest in the one where you felt best. Your Prolactin was lowest. I am asking, what overall difference does prolactin cause in your well being? I have never had an issues with it, so I want to know what you personally feel here. And take into condiseration that maybe the higher test level is the reason for feeling better, and that E2 has nothing to do with it in this case.

He said the one in February was best where his t was not the highest of all three.

What you can do is lower the dose a bit and remove the ai. You may feel even better with no ai.

Before starting TRT prolactin was around 7, ok so in theory high prolactin in men (by high i mean even in the high end of normal range) is related to a longer refractory period after intercourse, so in that order before trt my total T was around 300 and i had ED but i related it more to ansiety how ever i responded well to levitra and viagra, but after finishing my penis stayed aroused and ready for round 2, i could get off 5 times in one night i mean through out the night how ever i was 30 then i’m 38 now but i’m sure it us related to that, now i get off and i have a great time but not really interested in getting at it again, idk or maybe Is that i’m not that much into the girl i’m having sex with that night, even if i used levitra which i do when i’m gonna have sex with a new girl and only for the 1st time, kinda often, so i’d like to get it to that low of a value but with out taking an AI, i tryed cabergolin a very low dose and i felt as bad as when taking arimidex so i ditched that garbage, the less chemicals the better

I’ll lower the dose to 100 and will pin from monday to friday everyday and draw blood in 2 months from now
Pinning eod at least got T levels up and kinda the same E2 and prolactin values