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TRT Kicking Ass


I started TRT about 6 weeks ago and HOLY SHIT has it made a difference. I started lifting again after letting myself get horribly out of shape. Since 06/01/11 I've been adding 10 lbs. of weight on the bench press every time I work out. I started with light weight, but have added 60 lbs. to my workout weight with no drop in sets or reps....and it feels easier every week even though I've added weight. On my first workout, my muscles were screaming at the 15th rep. They're still screaming at rep #15, but with 60 lbs. added, I can live with that.

My recovery time has gone from a week pre-TRT (with minimal results) to 3 days. As for libido, I'm not at teenager levels, but that wasn't the point of the TRT. I'm back to my late 20's drive, which is great. Unfortunately, my E2 levels were elevated (48.3) after my first round of bloodwork since starting, so I'm on Adex now. The downside is that I've gained 8 lbs. in a month. My pants are still fitting the same and I'm still using the same belt notch. I can only assume that 8 lbs. of pure muscle in a month would be impossible. My only guess is water retention in the muscles due to taking creatine. Can anyone shed some light on this? Does TRT generally cause water retention?


when you add pure muscle you are also adding water weight as 'x' amount of muscle also stores 'y' amount of water and glycogen...this is still increasing LBM (as opposed ot your fat weight)...I dont consider 8 pounds of muscle in a month out of the realm of possibility at all if you have been severely T deficient for a long time...there is a reason T is the basis of all good steroid cycles--its muscle building effects are undeniable...

Aweomse to hear you are doing good on the regimine...get that E2 under control and report back!


Thanks, Balla. Man, I just feel great! Strength going through the roof...arms noticeably larger AND firmer, and the desire to throw a leg a few times a week. Can it get any better?

My plan is to stick to building strength and mass for the next 2 months. I'll then transition to something more aerobic, but that still gives the muscles a good thrashing, like P90X. After that, I'll probably hit more cardio and some of the burst speed/agility training (which I hear burns quite a few calories). I'm currently sitting @ 228 lbs. My goal for May 2012 is to be stronger than I am now, but at about 185 lbs. At 5'11", I'd call that a good "fightin' weight". Any ideas you fellas can come up with to help me with my goals would be greatly appreciated. I know that 40 lbs. is a lot to lose, but I don't think that it's unreasonable over 10-11 months.


Actually, to give you some additional motivation, I have lost 40+ lbs since December( most in the last 4 months) from 286 to 240ish, I have added 1 & 1/4" to my arms and 5" to my shoulder measurements.

I worked on the strength/ size first, then switchd to really concetrating on diet, conditioning, core training, & maintained all of my muscle mass I had gained. I have an extensive training history and look feel better than I ever have. I am waiting until fall to do my specific "strength work", heavy squats, deadlifts, front squats, zerchers, etc

Just watch how much you lift, you don't want to tear a muscle/ rupture a tendon and set your progress back.

Some suggestions; work your weak points first, make them a priority, work on your core. Eat as healthy as possible. make sure you warm up very good before lifting. Stay focused on your specific goal don't try to keep geting stronger and neglect cardio work when your goal is to get leaner. I would set specific time frame goals over 3-4 month time periods and hammer them.

Be proactive in your TRT. Get your bloodwork done every 12-16 weeks, check things like RBC levels getting too high, if so give blood. Do research on this site to learn all you can, watch your E2 levels, get on arimidex if your not already. Good luck, Train hard


I'd say a good bit of that weight is water. Get the E2 under control and it should level out.

Be careful adding weight too quickly - you'll tear a tendon/ligament. Happens to folks on gear all the time. The muscles can do the work, but the support tissue isn't there yet - that takes time. That will only set you back. Make sure to warm up plenty!


I'm experiencing the same type of strength gains. My joints hurt, but every week I'm going up 10 pounds in the bench. Also, having problems losing weight.


Well, I've added weight, but I'm still able to do 15 reps or more, so I'm not into a potentially damaging amount yet. I don't have the build for powerlifting, so that is not my goal. I'm just looking to add a little muscle, be reasonably strong, then focus on an overall general level of good fitness. Basically, I want a perfect balance of strength, endurance, and agility. I'm 37, married, and have 3 kids. I enjoy looking and feeling better, but I'm not out trying to impress the ladies.


Testosterone may make you hungrier so you may be eating more? Have you noticed this at all? When my testosterone increased from 200 to 466 (without meds) I gained a lot of weight which I attributed to thyroid issues (my t3 was pretty low). So maybe you can test out your thyroid and see if it is being sluggish especially if you can't find a cause for the weight gain.


Nope. I'm actually taking in fewer calories than I was pre-TRT; however, the foods are more nutritious. I work 12 hour shifts and have a house, wife, and 3 kids to attend to after work, so going to the gym is out of the question after work. Generally, on work days, I start off with a Muscle Milk shake first thing in the morning. I usually hit Whataburger for breakfast (2 scrambled eggs and a grilled chicken breast). I work out on my lunch break at about noon. Immediately afterwards, I slam a CytoGainer shake. I'll snack on beef jerky and almonds until I get off work. Usually eat a little chicken and rice or a turkey sandwich for supper, then a no-carb protien shake before bed. Basically, I've eliminated anything battered and fried and consume no simple sugars. Protien intake is probably about 200 grams/day. Since my activity is up and my calories are down, I can only assume that the weight gain is water primarily due to the creatine in the CytoGainer. Prior to the TRT, I was eating like crap (burgers, pizza, anything I wanted) and was doing absolutely NO exercise and my weight was holding steady or increasing slowly enough that I didn't notice.


From what I see in your diet,your taking in A LOT of sodium. Anything from fast food restaurants is shockingly high, even supposedly "healthy food" ( ie, turkey wrap at quizno's 780 cals & 1200 mg of sodium!!) Sandwich/ processed meats are high in sodium, as well as jerky. Try increasing your diet with foods high in potassium like apples, blueberries, strawberries, watermelon and add some more vegetables.


One of my biggest letdowns is recovery time on low testosterone. I can o ly work out 2 times a week. Somethimes 3 times max. My muscles are sore for like 1.5 weeks

My test levels are 400 ng dl …but im on clomid. Without clomid im at 200 ng dl


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