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TRT Just Isn't Cutting It

so I’ve been on trt for 6 months. Started at 80mg and doc had me worked up to 100mg and still feel like shit. My free t was 7.1 with a high range normal of 57. So despite trying with doctors 3 different time and no success I’m doing it my own. I can’t live life feeling this way. That being said I’ve spoke with 4 different guys that I trust that recommend taking 250mg weekly. I did that that last Friday and for the first 3 days felt better by far then with the doctors. I just kinda wanted everyone’s opinion. I feel like I’m starting to crash a little bit as my energy isn’t very good today and I’m having hot sweats. I’m wearing my self off the medical testosterone as well since I will no longer be able to take that ( plus I lost my insurence) which is another reason why I’m taking things into my own hands.

Ok… a few things. First, and most importantly, your T levels were not higher within the first 3 days after your first 250 injection. That’s not how it works. So anything you felt was entirely in your head. It will probably be a week or 2 before the effects of the higher dose manifest.

What was your total T on 100mg?

I didn’t think I would feel anything but it sure felt like it. But my total t after being on 100 was 429. Free t was 8.7

Test cyp and eth blood serum levels peak in our blood after injection on average on the third day. It may be placebo, but a lot of trt guys report feeling a lot better very quickly after their first injection. We call it the honeymoon phase and a lot of it is probably associated with dopamine spiking. Usually they feel great until their e2 rises since most trt docs don’t understand how t aromatizes to estrogen and don’t provide an ai or look for high e2 signed. Some guys take months to feel better, if at all.

Some are thought to be hyper metabolizers of T and usually need a higher T dose more frequently to get optimal T levels that most guys get on 100 mg T per week.

If you inject once a week, levels spike then crash and labs taken on day 7 are quite useless in many cases as results are mostly driven by lab timing.

Post all labs with ranges.

prolactin just one time if <35
PSA if >40
fasting cholesterol
fasting glucose

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Self inject 50mg T cyp twice a week
0.5mg anastrozole at time of injections
250iu hCG injected SC EOD if you want to preserve fertility and testes
ALWAYS do labs halfway between injections.

Do not do 250mg/week, things will get worse. You need to get balanced on what is recommended here. Things can be adjusted based on symptoms, lab results and further info provided by you about your self and medical history.

Everything I’m doing is based on what the doctor suggested. That’s from injections to getting blood work down. All they measure when doing my blood work is
Total t
Free t

If everything that you doctor suggested worked, you would have no reason to be here.

That is why I included the ‘finding a TRT doc’ sticky. You have to make things change and cannot be passive.

Do not test DHEA directly, test DHEA-S