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TRT Jab, Sound Like Infection or Nothing?

Hi guys, I know there are a lot of posts about this but I can’t seem to find any that sound like my issue, I know this isn’t the place for medical advice but I just want the opinions of others on trt.

I did my trt jab with a 29g x 12.7mm micro fine needle into the upper outer glute, it was 0.2ml - 50mg.

I used alcohol wipes as per usual but it’s been 4 days and I still have a tender hard lump around half an inch in size it feels .
It’s not movable and it’s not soft, I don’t have a fever and it’s not red or discoloured, it isn’t hot either I don’t think, both my glutes feel equally warm in that area, so it’s hard to tell about the heat but if it was hot I’m sure I’d notice the difference between the two?

I’ve nipped a vein in the past and had a lump but I’m sure it’s usually gone down by now, the tenderness feels the same today as it did on day 2.

The reason I’m worrying about infection is because I preload my syringes and I wasn’t able to keep this one in the fridge and it’s been quite warm where I live lately.
is it possible for bacteria to grow in Test E oil?
It is pharma testoviron depot that I use.

Another theory I have is, there is scar tissue build up and I’ve injected into that as I do use this area once per week along with another site, or is it possible it’s not injected deep enough?

What do you guys think?
Any info / help would be appreciated.

I think this is the most likely scenario.

Or it’s a sterile abcess which can result in what you describe.

“Sterile abscesses are sometimes a milder form of the same process caused not by germs but by nonliving irritants such as drugs. If an injected drug like penicillin is not absorbed, it stays where it was injected and may cause enough irritation to generate a sterile abscess—sterile because there is no infection involved. Sterile abscesses are quite likely to turn into hard, solid lumps as they scar, rather than remaining pockets of pus.”

Thanks for your help, if it is in fact a sterile abscess, what should I do?
Would aspirating it back out be of any help?

It hasn’t gotten any worse and my mood dipped a bit through the week, so maybe this test wasn’t absorbed due to it being scar tissue

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Personally, if it didn’t dissipate, I’d see an MD to have it assessed or drained. Consider yourself lucky if the abscess is sterile; trying to lance or otherwise drain it yourself is asking for an infection.

All good after a week, no more lump or pain but I will take this as a warning and make sure sites are rotated enough and my injection protocol is extra sterile to prevent any future problems

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