TRT Issues and ED

Hi I’m a First time poster longtime reader, about 18 months ago I started taking sarms for 3-4 months, these trashed my libido and I took a pct of nolvadex only at 30mg Ed for 4 weeks, I felt I never really recovered, tired, weak so I saw an endo and they put me on clomid as my test levels were extremely low at 2, I stayed on 25-50mg of clomid for around 3-4 months, during this time I felt like total garbage but my testosterone levels slowly rose.

I eventually moved to another doc who put me on androcream 5%, this raised my levels to around 12 however I felt better in the gym and better overall my libido was still very average, a few tests later of my levels swinging very wildly on the cream i switched to test-e 125mg a week dosed ed sub-q, I’m 13 days into this now.

My blood test results were taken the day before I started test e so I was on the cream, my main issue is libido, I can have sex if I’m really into it, however I’m never quite fully hard or at my best and after I blow it’ll take at least half a day to a day to be able to do it again and my desire for sex is pretty much gone.

I’ve attached my bloods, currently I take

Dandelion root 1g
Maca 3G
25-50mg iodine daily (started last week)
150mcg selenium
5000iu vitamin d3
5-10g magnesium

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this whole thing has me spun out , I switched off the cream from reading here and my endo himself said he hasn’t seen great results off the cream

Also I’m 34, 6 foot 185lbs 13-14% body fat and train daily including cardio, healthy diet, before taking sarms my libido already wasn’t 100%, I used to cycle steroids over a decade ago but have been off them until that sarm experience

I’d rethink this.

I recently went through this sort of issue, but it’s getting better. Was more my libido being shot.

From experience, I’d start cutting out supplements first, except for the vitamin D. Unless you have a diagnosed deficiency in iodine or selenium, you’re just introducing more problems.

You have only been on your new protocol for 13 days and should reach a stable state in 4 more weeks.

Thanks for the posts guys, I’ll wait for the 6 week mark then get some more bloods done, if my prolactin stays on the high end of the range could that cause these issues?

I’ll also cut back on the unnecessary supps

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I’m starting to think that certain steroids, and even SARMS can mess with the something in your brain. Seems after a cycle of some kind lots of guys have no libido and never really get it back even if they get their hormones sorted out and “optimal”.

It could. Try the supps first. I’ve personally had lots of luck cleaning up my lifestyle.

A lot of little things (supps too!) can raise prolactin.

This is me. I’ve had protocols where numbers look perfect and even on small cycles and my libido has never been the same as before my first run with tren. It’s usually non-existent.

Stop taking all of that shit, and pop 2.5-5mg of Cialis daily. Far better for your health. The supplements aint working. I had issues and started 2.5mg a day and have been enjoying life since. TRT came after that, but dont sweat the dick pill stigma. Be smart and take it. ED kills libido. So get that out of the way and things will change. It takes time to realize that youre a lady killer after youve suffered a few bouts of ED.

To bump an old post, but heres an update I’m currently taking 180mg week of test-e

Date 11/03/20

PRL 532 mIU/L (< 300)
LH 3 IU/L (1-10)
FSH 2 IU/L (1-10)
E2 250 pmol/L (< 150)
Prog 1 nmol/L (< 3)
Testo. 34 nmol/L (10.0-33.0)
fTesto.c 1019 pmol/L (150-700)
SHBG 24 nmol/L (13-71)
FAI 143 (18-90)

my prolactins high, my estrogens high, my libido is pretty much trashed, weak erections mostly.
Any advice? I have nolvadex on hand currently, im thinking to lower the dose of test-e down to 150mg week also. I’ve been taking this routinely for 29 days now, dosed daily sub-q

Weak erections, flat mood, minds cloudy, feeling like general shit, feel okay in the gym but would rather wrap it up and go home urge to pretty much just lay down and sleep but I get through the day. I’d also read somewhere that you’re not supposed to orgasm before PRL test and this test was done about 24 hours after that, not feeling myself

dumped the supps about a week back all I take now is 1g dandelion root and 5g magnesium daily

doc says everythings fine at these levels