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TRT Introduction

Hi guys, i am 40yr male in Australia. Running bloodwork monthly currently with my doctor to monitor T/E & free T. Running bio-identical 5% cream (50mg/1ml) scrotally & exemastane (aromasin) 25mg MWF. I would prefer enanthate as T exogenous, but hard for doctor to prescribe in Australia unfortunately (am trying to convince him trust me!).

I ended up emailing Dr Rand McClain in Santa Monica CA (top guru) asking him for advice on best TRT therapy. He stated best is 200mg bio-identical injections over cream (better titre levels and penetration) and arimidex 1mg EOD & monitor bloodwork & adjust.

One important issue that is critical for good TRT is E2 (estradiol). He stated 20pg/ml to target or 73 pmol/L (Aust). Lowering E2 with an AI will essentially ‘free up’ T making it bioavail (bound T is rendered useless but shows in total T). Stinging nettle is good also + danazol helps reduces SHBG. Therapeutic dosing is what i want not perf enh.

Bloodwork is essential, but most general practitioners are useless at reading bloodwork. This is my first post and am new, so i say its great to join in the conversation!

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If you absorb T poorly, might be from low thyroid function, see thyroid basics sticky.

Injected T esters yield bio-identical T when the ester groups are removed. Such injections are time release bio-id delivery. Don’t get misled by the bio-id hype.

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