TRT Intersting Comparison

Androgel vs injections
And i need a little help with lab numbers

Androgel 6 months low 200’s max total no free numbers ttest cyp 200mg every 2weeks 805 totla t 29 of 30 free t
I feel great I need help with these other numbers
luteinizing hormane <0.1
estradiol 67
none of these numbers come with ranges
I believe the first two are very low hcg may be neede any dose recomedations apreciated
what about the estradiol number is it low or do I need anything

sorry about the simple help but when I get the numbers dialed in maybe I can be of help to some of your other readers

Even though Androgel did little for you, it shut you down. You need Estradiol (e2) to be lower.

Always post your lab ranges, that makes it easier to interpret the numbers.

Your injections did you much better. You are going to stay shut down. You LH and FSH numbers close to zero confirm that the TRT is shutting you down (which is to be expected).

HCG will not raise LH or FSH.

thanks bigdawg, the last three tests didn’t come back with ranges, all said low next to them. What do you do to get the fsh lh up. I can’t believe the estradiol says low next to it.