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TRT Interruption?

Hi to all
I have a question: what happens if you interrupt TRT? How long for your T levels to go back to pre- Trt?

Depends on a lot of things and would be different for everyone. Not recmended to just drop off trt. You will feel like ur dead and estrogen will move into testosterone receptors. You would need a SERM and probably and Ai and have to taper off. No guarentees on good results… This question is vague and u have no labs pre Trt posted or anything. No one knows why you needed trt. Everything matters

I understand. It was just a curiosity. I know about the half life of T-cyp and was just wondering what happened to T levels after the half life

You may or may not recover your pre-TRT levels. Read some of the stickies, starting with advice for new guys.