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TRT Injections


Hello from across the pond. Just got my blood work done and I have a low T level so the doc has put me on Testosterone Cypionate 200mg every two weeks.
I have seen on here that you can now carry out subcutaneous testosterone injections. If I am reading this correctly by doing subcutaneous injections I can do 4 X 50mg over a two week period. My wife who is a diabetic used a syringe for 10 years until she bought a needless injector to inject the insulin subcutaneously this saved her from bruising. Now I was thinking cant I use this type of needless injector? I have attached a picture of the one on ebay that my wife uses.


Those devices might not work with the viscous oils of T injectables. And the elastomer seals might not like the oils.

You can also inject with #31 5/6" needles.

Have you read the advice for new guys sticky?


Hi KS I will now. Yes you’ve guessed it I hate needles lol