TRT injection once every 10 weeks

Hello All

I have been using TRT for the past 9 months or so. Some injectable and some topical from a compound pharmacy. It took a while for it to get dialed in. I have been lucky to find a very easy to work with PA (Physician’s Assistant). Last week he was telling me about an FDA approved clinical study that his office has been chosen to take part in. He is currently awaiting the T to start, he expects to receive it in mid/late January sometime. Evidently it is based on the same technology that brought about the female birth control shot once every 3 months. According to my PA T is not quite as stable as the birth control but should provide a time released dose that will last 10 weeks.

I was wondering if anyone else has heard about this. Overall it sounds almost too good to be true. At one point I was self injecting twice a week. Needles do not bother me anymore than the next guy, but this seems like it would be a big improvement, especially to those that have to go to a Dr. office for injections.