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My endo sent me this.
My endo says this is the guidelines he used.

Disclaimer: Clinical Practice Guidelines are developed to be of assistance to endocrinologists by providing
guidance and recommendations for particular areas of practice.

The Guidelines should not be considered inclusive
of all proper approaches or methods, or exclusive of others.

The Guidelines cannot guarantee any specific
outcome, nor do they establish a standard of care. The Guidelines are not intended to dictate the treatment of a
particular patient.

Treatment decisions must be made based on the independent judgment of health care providers
and each patient’s individual circumstances.

I liked the above alot. I also liked this.

However, for older men, we suggest that clinicians
aim at achieving total testosterone levels in the lower
part of the normal range of young men [400�??500 ng/dL
(14.0�??17.5 nmol/L)]. Physicians should recognize
considerable disagreement among experts on this
issue (92).

Somthing I found by Dr. Shippen