TRT induced insomnia

Anyone know how to deal with this? In general let’s just throw anxiety into the mix. Playing around with all kinds of different doses and frequency, AI, no AI, etc

I am noticing that the reason I may not be able to tolerate higher levels is due to this over stimulated feel.

Is there any answers to this? Vigorous Steve on YouTube swears by DHEA and pregnenolone.

I fixed this, and a close friend also fixed this, by changing to a different formula.


Reading through now. Right away I notice some dude telling you this:

Hate to burst your bubble here but you are not going to notice a big difference in muscle/strength gains going from a trough TT 900—>1100-1200 ng/dL or more importantly a trough FT 17—>21 ng/dL.

I am not sure if some guys just aren’t blessed with some decent genetics or what but that complete horse shit, at least in my case. I definitely notice physique and strength differences on different TRT doses. That’s why I also am baffled at all the “don’t expect that big of a difference in physique when you jump on TRT” posts. It’s like speak for yourself pal, people were asking me if I was full on juicing when I first started TRT.

Edit: you notice any pip difference between test c and e?

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I was almost completely unable to gain any strength or muscle prior to TRT. The difference now is astounding and seems directly proportional to my dose. So yes, I agree completely with your sentiments.

I think PIP differences between these two have more to do with formulation than ester. Meaning, there is zero PIP with the hikma enanthate, and I think that relates more to the absence of benzyl benzoate and benzyl alcohol (these can be very irritating) than the fact that it is enanthate vs cypionate.

So you noticed a difference between the different Testosterones in general with your well being but you don’t think it’s much to do with the esther, it’s about the other stuff in it.

One of those threads is mine so let me update where I am at. Into almost 6 weeks going from 80 mg/wk to 63 mg/wk. The ride was rough for the first 5 weeks and now almost 6 weeks in my sleep is much better. Not linear at all. The nausea is almost gone, I am thinking much clearer and word search, humor, and anger issues all resolved. Sex drive is feeling normal as I was solely focused on sex and it was getting old as I wasn’t accomplishing anything. I am very satisfied in my weight and muscle development even though that is the least important issue to ME, not others apparently. I am in good shape and my cardio feels even better now and MORE stamina. I am going to wait until a full 8 weeks to get levels checked. I figured I am on a little over 6 mg/day based on the ester. Average guy is what 6 or 7 mg/day? So, yeah I am on TRT contrary to what people like to tell me.

No matter what my levels I am at I don’t really care so much because I feel so much better. Before reducing I was 7 times the free than when I started TRT. I can see if others have had issue on reducing as it can be construed that your levels have dropped too low. Ya gotta ride it out for 6 to 8 weeks to get a good feel what is going on. I would never drop 20% again unless I had done it before and knew what to expect. 5 to 10% seems reasonable (up or down). I do have to say I am medication sensitive so I am probably an outlier in that sense.

My workouts are better than when on 80 mg/wk. I am more in tune to my body and not so spacey and groggy. If this continues I’ll be very happy but 8 weeks before I decide anything.


This is what I notice too. I’ve dropped my dose twice this year and the initial phase is not too smooth but once I am set in the lower dose things feel way better. My dick is also a measuring stick of this. I’ve dropped to 100 mg both times and felt great eventually, last time when I went back up I felt great at 120mg and then worse once I went back to 140. Not sure if it’s that lag effect again and I wouldn’t feel as good on 120 long term, as in I was already set for the course of feeling worse before even getting to 140.

Honestly I am thinking of going even lower than 100mg and seeing how I do, if that’s the case maybe TRT wasn’t even right for me at all and I am now having regrets. I see plenty of guys on clomid solo, never injected and feel great.

Sadly I fell into the online community and the “clomid is whack brahhhh, you need to inject T”

Sleep improves, blood pressure improves, libido improves, brain fog improves, erections improve, anxiety improves. Oh yeah and while strength suffers a bit, my cardio is way better.

That’s my current belief. I would need to find a testosterone cypionate formula without the benzyl excipients to fully test that hypothesis and unfortunately it doesn’t exist.

Anixety is better two, last week or two the ride is getting better and now I have almost zero anxiety. On the amount one takes I guess it comes down to how you feel and what your levels measure. Compare them to on and off TRT and you’ll find what you need. I could be on 25 mg/wk and my measured levels would be highger than when I started. At my age clomid probably wasn’t a good choice for me since I am 58. If I can work out harder and longer on lower than I did on higher levels that tells me a lot.

You ever tried AIs?

I have never tried an AI, when I started TRT they wanted me on a much higher dose, along with an AI, and I believe DHEA. I said no, My DHEA levels were fine (don’t remember the number) and I didn’t want to complicate the situation and if I didn’t feel well I wouldn’t have a clue which one was causing the problem.

I only take Test Cyp at the moment. When I do my next blood levels I will ask the some additional testing as I want to see what has changed since my initial testing after 6 months when I started. Right now things have setttled down quite a bit. Patience is something I don’t have in abundance so I am glad I let things settle or I would be chasing my tail. My guess at 63 mg/wk my trough will be a little below 145 or so (240 max scale).

Compared to before TRT my chest doesn’t feel as constrained and overworkd when doing cardio. I don’t need to be in the gym for 3 hours everyday. If I can work out for an hour and half, everything is good.

Dr. Mohit Khera MD, is at the top of his field in TRT, same league as Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, says oral testosterone has a better side effects profile than other formulations of TRT.

Testosterone cypionate lingers in the body far longer than oral testosterone, which declines 50% in 6 hours instead of 5-7 days!

I have to check the pricing in the future and work with a urologist using my insurance rather than an online clinic or TRT mill.

Kyzatrex and Orlando are available via cash only, averaging $159-$200 monthly. I pay $0 co-pay. The only way I got insurance to cover Jatenzo, is all other treatments failed.

I requested it from Defy, they will get back to within 3 days since I am requesting a change since they had me on Cyp. Why not just for the hell of it. I have heard some anecdote of less bloating on enanthate compared to cyp.

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What do you have to lose right? You’re the first internet person to take my suggestion on this so I’m very eager to see what you think.

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Just had my first injection. Have to go to the glute next time I think, injection site a bit sore in the delt.

That goes away after a few injections in my experience. The body seems to adapt and stop reacting to the shot. I wouldn’t write off delts unless it persists long-term.

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Premature since it’s so early but I am liking it so far. If it goes well maybe my next order can be another brand or compounded enanthate. Just to rule out the cyp vs enanthate debate.

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Empower’s compounded enanthate doesn’t have any benzyl benzoate either, just a small amount of benzyl alcohol. Most enanthate formulas are cleaner than most cypionate formulas, which complicates everyone’s comparisons of cypionate vs enanthate. I believe at this point that much of the reason people prefer or feel better with enanthate is this fact that it usually has less excipients. I am skeptical the esters themselves make any difference.