TRT In St. Louis Area?

Hello All,
I recently lost my TRT doc and I am looking for a new one. I have had terrible luck so far. Every doc I have found or been refered to has been absolutely horrible. They are all freaked out because my testosterone level is 821. I tell them I am still injecting the last of my T. But they dont seem to care. I dont want to go off and let my levels get lower again because I am pretty dialed in right now.

I have my previous lab work to show that my T levels were 220 before I started my treatment. I am hoping there is someone who know a good TRt doc in the St. Louis area, that they can refer me to.
Thanks in Anticipation

I’m in the area, but my doc isn’t. I have used docs for TRT in Nevada, Florida and currently a doctor in Oklahoma. If you find one locally, post or PM me. Thanks.

Look at They have one doctor in St. Louis. I have been his patient for 6 weeks and I am extremely happy with him. They will probably want you to do a blood test before the first appointment. Their goal is optimum results, not just meeting the minimum number in the range.

Great. Thanks!

Mike Im interested in hearing more about your experience with bodylogic in STL, as I was coincidentally just reading up on them and the material they sent.

Care to expound more or send me a PM about how it’s gone?

I was very ill for several months. An endo found low testosterone and only prescribed Androgel and patience. I started reading testosterone forums like this one and figured out the treatment wasn’t likely to work. After 2 months on AndroGel, I was still ill and I asked a local compounding pharmacy for the name of a male hormone specialist. I called bodylogicmd to see Dr. Warner.

Bodylogicmd does not file insurance, so you have to pay up front and file it yourself. On the first call I got an appointment and an order for a blood test. After the blood test and cortisol saliva test was done I was able to move up the appointment to an earlier time. My testosterone was 660 with Quest. My Estradiol was double the top of the range. Dr. Warner gave me compounded T and Arimidex. He also found and treated several other problems that no other doctor could find, such as thyroid, vitamin deficiencies and digestion problems. He prescribed some supplements from Ortho Molecular Products, and told me to change my diet significantly.

When I walked in his office the first time I was miserable. He had gone over my lab and my answers to symptom questions on their web site. During the appointment he adjusted his plan based on what he saw and heard. I think he gives symptoms as much or more weight as the lab results.

At the next appointment I was greatly improved. He only made small adjustments to my meds. I will do a blood test again three months after the first appointment.

Update: Today I walked 2 miles at the mall in 28 minutes. Then I was out in 100 degree heat for an hour. I tolerated the heat well. After the hour in the heat, I felt like I could go walk again. I am thrilled because six months ago I could barely walk to the kitchen with a cane, and I could not tolerate the heat of a luke-warm shower.

I believe I am continuing to improve from the hormone treatment and from the homeopathic treatment by another doctor. The homeopathic doctor has treated me for infections, metals such as mercury, and several other things.

The compounded T I mentioned earlier is a cream with testosterone and DHEA. I use 1 ml daily.

Dr. Warner has been very helpful with follow-up questions and problems. At one point I thought my E2 was getting high again. He ordered a test of just the E2 which was 21. The problem turned out to be low blood pressure and it was time to stop my blood pressure medicine.

Is there anything else you want to know about the doctor?

Good stuff! Will look into BodyLogicMD. Does anyone know of any other TRT docs in St. Louis? Thanks.

Any updates?

That’s because your sick care doctors must operate within very narrow guidelines put in place by insurance companies, anything over 800 and doctors freak out. The problem is these guidelines were created at a time when knowledge is very poor in anything related to TRT.

MMI (Men’s Medical Institute) in St. Louis county. Kinda pricey and don’t take insurance but do cover blood tests (if I remember correctly) and are very personable. A very good place to start TRT. Once you get going, you might be able to get an endo or primary care physician to take over at less cost.