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TRT in NY? Thrown Out of LabCorp

Just started with Defy. Went for follow up labs at labcorp. Labcorp worker looked at the script, called the manager over and said they couldn’t do it. They had just done it two months prior. They told me it was illegal in NY to have an out of NY provider prescribe labs and TRT. They told me the did the previous labs “as a courtesy”. I called Defy, the girl who answered the phone said yes it is illegal in NY. When I asked her why they would have started me on a program, her response was that it is on me if I get busted for getting Test shipped, not them?? ANyone with experience using Defy or another out of State prescriber in NY, or an issue with Labcorp?


Are you saying you can’t get your MEDS or you can’t get your lab testing done?

can’t get my labs which I’m due for. So no labs, no meds eventually.

Can you drive over to new jersey?

What was concerning to me was Labcorp said I had to pay out of pocket or they wouldn’t do it, $600, and they said that Defy isn’t supposed to be a provider in NY because they can’t prescribe based on law changes. I’ve only been with Defy for two months. Also concerning was the convo with Defy, who seemed to concur and say it was on me if I got in trouble not them. She did not seem too trustworthy but she did answer the phone

That sucks and is kind of weird. Any way you can go to a neighboring state and get labs done?

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Something doesn’t seem right. I wonder if you are getting misinformation from LabCorp? The phone response from the doctor’s office seems off as well.

I have a national account with Quest. Once the order is placed in the EMR patients can go to any Quest in the country and show an ID. We have negotiated discount pricing as well. I would imagine they have something similar.

Was the order in their system? Where did you go when you started?

Also, there is nothing on you for receiving a legal prescription. Some pharmacies are not licensed to sell (ship) to all states. Some states do not allow out of state pharmacies to do business in their state, protecting in state businesses. However, you are breaking no law by receiving the rx, the pharmacy may be by sending it and the doctor/practice may be if not following state regulations regarding prescribing controlled substances.

I could be wrong, but I’d bet someone at LabCorp is shoveling BS or just too lazy to process an out of state order.


Appreciate your insight. Unfortunately two bits of bad info that was concurring had me a little concerned. I called Lapcorp, the people I talked to there didn’t understand the issue. They filed a complaint.

What I will say is as soon as I walked in, both women freaked out because it was from a TRT clinic. Clearly there is a stigma still even in 2020. The women in the lab were beyond belligerent. It would be great if men’s HRT was looked at fairly as other HRT has been for years. From the treatment I got it clearly isn’t.

I can drive to Pa but it’s 2 hrs. I will if I have to, just cant believe that would be the case.

I’ve heard from places like discounted labs that they can’t order them for people in NY but I don’t know how a regular doc couldn’t? Seems weird. From what I’ve seen it seems like they do it anyways and it’s worked so not sure why it wouldn’t for defy.

The good news is once you’re dialed in it’s only every 6 months anyways so not a huge deal to make a quick road trip out of it

I don’t know the exact law that’s in place but the prohibition extends to NY, NJ, RI, MA and MD.

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I’ve never had an issue getting labs or meds in MA. Recently relocated to NH – not sure how the laws differ.

This sounds like hot garbage.

I live in NYC and have been getting labs left and right since 2017.

  1. I never had anybody who worked at quest or labcorp look at me sideways because of my bloodwork.

  2. I’ve gotten bloodwork done by Dr O’Connor and just recently with elevate men’s clinic in NJ. Not. One. Time. Did anyone tell me this supposed out-of-state law. It wasn’t even remotely hinted.

I think you got fed a bunch of bullshit. I’d go to a different labcorp and do this again.

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I did some digging, called Labcorp customer service, they were very nice. The law is you can’t have prepaid labs from out of state. It’s to protect labs in NY from big business but hurts consumers. So, I found a private lab, negotiated my own rate, got a regular script and I’ll go there. NY sucks, but the Labcorp I went to did the labs before. This time it was two women who had a stigma with what I was testing for. They were brutal. And for the record I’m not a huge guy, just a fit looking guy in a suit. Bullshit indeed.

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Yeah i was thrown out of the downtown Brooklyn labcorp for the same reason in Feb. Also use defy. I jumped a train to my office in downtown Manhattan and popped into another labcorp on broadway by the bull without an appointment and had no issues. So lame.

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