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TRT in Nor Cal Area

Who are the best Dr’s in Northern California? I’m in Sacramento, but would drive a few hours for a better doctor (Bay area, etc). Thanks.

I sent you a PM. Got a recommendation for ya if you don’t mind a little drive.

[quote]ctastrophe wrote:
I sent you a PM. Got a recommendation for ya if you don’t mind a little drive.[/quote]

Can you PM or post the info? I’m interested as well.

Well publically posting the info would inevitably cause more harm than good. Male HRT is still a touchy subject legally.

That said, I’ve been looking around the bay area so far to no success. While it would be nice to get a doctor locally who’s willing to look over (insurance will cover it), the entire online HRT still is a viable option, albeit the more expensive choice. Current doctors were like : “We’ll take you off that HRT and get you on a drug cocktail to treat the symptoms…”

I’m also looking for a Dr in the San Francisco area for thyroid/TRT treatment.

Adding in on this. I’m in the South Bay but am willing to go a distance for the right doc. Most of the docs I’ve seen are idiots.

I have a great doc in the Palo Alto, Mountain View area that does HRT, he is, however a concierge doc so there are extra fees involved. If you’re interested in his information PM me.

Hey threeper, would you mind PM-ing me the information of your HRT doc in the PA / MV area? I’d really appreciate it; had a good doc in LA, but I’m not able to travel down there often enough to keep the doctor-patient relationship going.

Thanks so much!

Hello, I don’t know if I can PM but would be interested in this doctor rec thanks.

Dr. Richard Lee Palo Alto

Have you looked at the finding a TRT doc sticky?