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TRT In My Own Hands

Hey Guys, new to the Forum. 46yo 6’4, 265lbs, roughly 20-22% bf. Test levels 315. Won’t give me TRT unless under 200. Training for 25yrs. Training hard/steady x 9 months with slow gains and no energy, and strength and endurance still seem reduced using creatine,bcaas, protein. Training 6 days/wk 1body part per day and legs twice per week. Thinking of sus 250 e5d x 12 wks. 16 weeks off/repeat. Had problems with itch tit 20yrs ago when I cycled on enathate. Looking for 10 -20lbs lean gains, Fat loss, and libido.

Sus250 e5d
10mg nolva eod if itch tit starts
Pct 2wks after last inj, Nolva 40ed x 7/40/30/20
Have chlomid also but have been reading nolva is all I need

Diet is clean 3000 cal/day


Welcome Skeeter,

I don’t know the rules in your country, but the the UK policy statements on testosterone deficiency are clearly stated under <12 nmol/L which is <345 ng/dL and Free T <225 pmol/L or <61 pg/mL warrants a 6 month trial.

European Association of Urology, ISSM and BSSM guidelines suggest that a level of total testosterone (TT) of <8 nmol/L or free testosterone (FT) of <180 pmol/L (based on two separate 8‐11 am levels) requires T Therapy and TT of >12 nmol/L or FT of >225 pmol/L does not. Between these levels, a trial of therapy for a minimum of 6 months should be considered based on symptoms.

Your protocol is too aggressive, you need to dial it down to 125mg every 5 days. I’m a little confused about the mention of PCT and clomid, TRT is not cycled, TRT is for life.

If you wish to clye TRT you’re in the wrong section of the forum, the Pharma section may be what you want and will get better advice there instead. I don’t understand why you want to persevere testosterone levels seen in 80 year old men.

Now someone with high normal testosterone going on testosterone to build more muscle cycling on/off testosterone I can understand, that person has something worth saving because he has healthy testosterone levels he needs to preserve.