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TRT in Montgomery PA?


Hi all, Looking for an Endo or Urologist in the Montgomery/Bucks, PA area who is legit and has experience treating TRT and estriol levels?? Any help would be appreciated - Thank you!!

My abridged story probably sounds like many - I was tested and diagnosed with low testosterone about 6 years ago, early 40s. Like many on here I went through the gauntlet of doctors looking for someone who knew at least something about TRT upon finally landing with an endocrinologist. I was relieved to find someone who had some experience and all has been going well, with some increased doses a few times along the way.
My concern came when recently she recommended increasing my daily dose again recently based on low T labs, both total and free. When I suggested we test for E3 before upping dose again she responded with “we probably don’t wont to do that, it could open a can of worms”. What kind of doctor says that… major red flag, right??


As an additional note, I use Biotest ZMA daily in hope that it helps with managing E conversion. Any suggestions with over the counter aromatase inhibitors (AIs) to help until I find a legit doc would also be appreciated. Thanks