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TRT in Minnesota (Twin Cities)?

I was recently seen at my local clinic to discuss symptoms of low T. I spoke with a PA who agreed I should have blood work done. After seeing my results he said I was on the low side but he would not recommend TRT and my current levels and offered no other advice. My question is should i seek another opinion and where might I go in the Twin Cities that might take a closer look.
I am a walking billboard for Low T symptoms.

Labs taken early morning and fasted.
42 YO M
Testosterone = 380.0
Albumin = 4.6
SHBG = 32.7
Free T = 7.5
PSA = 0.52
TSH = 1.0

You won’t get TRT from most PCPs unless you are clinically below range. However you appear to be an obvious candidate. Out of pocket clinics are better at treatment anyway.

There are studies showing men having hypogonadal symptoms between 300-400, the ranges were lowered to prevent people from getting TRT, courtesy of the insurance companies.

The truth is having lower than normal testosterone increases all cause mortality. You’ll have to seek private care because your insurance company doesn’t want to pay for treatment.

What’s the range/units on these labs?. That number for your freeT looks actually low from my experience.

I’d look at a t clinic if you can afford it.

Yeah, I’m from MN and I don’t know of any. You’re better off going with Defy.

Also from MN, and I don’t know of much for in person. I was using Defy before self administering. When I was looking around before going to Defy, there were places, but just based off the little research I did, they were expensive, and controlling (either wanted to do injections in office, or were doing pellets).

Telemedicine is probably the best bet if you don’t feel comfortable with self administering.

If you want an in person experience then you could try Everest Men’s Health. They will treat you at those numbers. The docs there are not super knowledgeable, so you will want have some idea of what you want your treatment to look like. They are open to modifying protocols and are not just about treating numbers. I ultimately switched to telemedicine because it is cheaper.