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TRT in Cincinnati

I’m in need of a good TRT Doc in Cincinnati. I had an endo in NM that was ok. But I have moved and I wld like to do this correctly. Thx

If no one has answered by now probaly means they don’t know, or the right person hasn’t seen your post. Most likely you will have to research on your own and pick a Doctor to try. If you have a GP you might ask him if he will treat with the protocols listed here. I am on my 2nd Endo and he is going to work with me. Good luck!

By the way when I seen your post it reminded me of a old sitcom. It would of been funny if you would of posted “WTRT in Cincinnati”. (If you don’t remember the show it was called “WKRP in Cincinnati”)

Too funny I remember that show!

Did you ever come up with a Doc? I ended up quiting the 2nd Endo and I am at a Anti Aging Doc now. I have my doupts about him now. He advised I take D3, and DHEA. I am really feeling bad right now and believe it is from the DHEA. I quit both just to be sure and see what happens.
It is hell trying to find some one to treat properly.