TRT IM in Abdomen with Small/Insulin Needle?

Hi there!
I am taking SubQ testosterone shots and I had been pinching the skin, inserting the needle, RELEASING the pinch and then injecting. I am pretty lean and whenever i would release the pinch i would feel the needle going a bit deeper, i assume the surface of the muscle?

Anyway, flash forward and i found out that to do subQ you have to maintain the pinch. Obviously in doing this, I wasnt going into the muscle. Anyway, i havent been feeling so good with the ‘correct’ sub Q and am wondering if

a) its possible to actually feel better on IM
b) if anyone has any experience doing IM in the stomach with insulin needles if lean enough


You don’t pinch the skin. You just stick it in the fat and inject. You don’t inject IM in the stomach. I did sub-q for a year in the navel area.

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Funnily enough i watched this video when i just started and noticed he just jammed it in, and i followed. So given his leanness in the abdomen, you wouldn’t say the needle is going into the muscle at all?

Nope. I see surgery daily and even super lean folks have a thick enough layer of fat. Don’t pinch it.


cheers for this - Did not know that! And there is no need for aspiration?

You can if you want to but no need to.

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If I use T Cypionate in my quadricep, is it best to just jab it in with one quick thrust? Or better to go in slow? This guy my gym said he just jabs it in and the dr says go in slow. The other thing is, do I need to aspirate in the quad? Dr says don’t need to but they say you should. Not sure what kind of answer that is… and this guy at the gym says not needed.

Slow is usually better, jabbing quick hurts sometimes. I don’t aspirate, and it’s no issue. Most guys do not.

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I do slow too.

I learned by having to give my wife B12 shots. Nothing bothers me, but she’s needle phobic and super sensitive to pain.

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I’ve been jabbing it in, and usually feel it pretty good, haha. I just assumed that was the way to go… I’m definitely going to try slow the next few times.