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TRT History + Request


Been a member of this forum since around 2009 and while not a regular here I have read the stickys and many posts of others during this time. It is now time for me to ask for some help in hopes somebody will respond. I will try to make this short.

A brief background about myself and treatment is as follows.

47 yr old male - BF% maintained around 9-10% with a cut/lean diet once a yr or so. Understand and love the concept of food, nutrients and its effects on the body. Not a BB just a fitness nut.

TRT History:

Started TRT with my GP in 2009 with initial 200mg cyp inj every 2 wks. Of course that failed

First blood work after about 6 mths of treatment showed a decrease in levels with TT being around 130 or so. GP increased dosage to 300mg cyp every 2 wks. I have been on this regimen until now with the same roller coaster affect as before. As excpected...

Recently visited Dr again and explained what was going on and requested having inj once a week. He entertained the idea but said let's see what new blood work shows first.

So I got a phone call with the results. They will send the complete workup data to me in the mail but over the phone they said everything was within limits with the exception of my TT and Free Test. TT being at 139 and FT being at 27 and that the GP recommended raising inj to 400mg every 2 wks. And wanted to refer me to a endo. Oh crap!!!

I know I am at just as much fault as my GP for not trying to better inform him of the little bit of knowledge Iâ??ve obtained on my own but while he seems very reasonable he has commented on how he doesn't like people coming in saying they read this or that on the internet and think they're an expert or know better and I understand where heâ??s coming from I guess. He has also commented on how he treats others with TRT on the regimen he has me on with success. I do not question his methods/practice/success.

I plan to make another appointment with my GP and provide him with some of the info from the stickie here but unfortunately I'm not very optimistic of the outcome.

So my question is, would anyone be willing to refer me to somebody good in the Northern VA area? PM's are fine.

I have called around etc... but honestly just because somebody is prescribing T doesn't make them good. I've read so many horror stories of what so many go through and I now feel like it may be me doing the same. Believe it or not TRT has helped me. While I roller coaster up and down now, prior to this I felt worse than I do now, at least I have some good days, and fear the idea of going back to feeling like I did prior to TRT.

V/R - Breeze


At point are you having your labs drawn? If they are taking your blood prior to the testosterone injections, of course it'll be low with bi-weekly shots.


Thx for replying -
Yes, labs are drawn prior to T inj. And I too agree with you based on my understanding of its life span.


You say that you don't question your doctors methods/practice/success, but why not? He clearly has no clue...

-You didn't test for 6 MONTHS after beginning your treatment?
-Your tests are performed after 2 weeks from an injection--which corresponds to 2-3 half lives of the cyp ester (so basically only 18-25% of the initial injection is available to your body)
-Your doctor is going with a "More Is Better" approach while the blood tests you are running show no appreciable serum increase corresponding to dosage increase
-He isn't open to patients educating themselves because HE IS THE DAMN DOCTOR--GET OUT OF HERE WITH YOUR INTERNET VOOO DOO...

Your doctors is an idiot of the worst kind, and if you aren't questioning his methods/practice/success, you are not doing your part in aiding your health...

Sorry I don't know any good endos in the Northern Virginia area, but I will send you a PM with one to avoid because he completely dismissed my concerns as well when I was going to him...hell, we may even have the same doctor!!!


Do you self-inject? Or can you convince your GP to let you self-inject? If so, why not spread that 400mg? Do 200mg per week or even 100mg 2x per week. Then see how you feel. Same overall dosage in the aggregate.

While it's better to keep your doctor informed, it's best to do what's right and what works.


Thanks, PM sent..


I agree, that would be a step in the right direction. Still would like to find a Dr better educated on testing/administering.

Thanks -