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TRT High Dosage Long Term

I am now 30 and just started Test C a few weeks ago and have done an extended Test cycle in the past. I have thought about it and think it is worth it in my 30’s and 40’s to be on Test on a permanent basis. (I’ve considered taking off every few years for small durations, not sure yet)

I see normal TRT dosages are extremely Low, maxing out around 200mg. My plan has been to do 350mg, but I wonder if dosages of 500mg are as safe long term.

I will be taking HCG, taking AI and taking Labs to check health concerns every so often.

Any experienced input is welcome!

Welcome to the forum.

Your treating trt like cycling. If your going to blast year long your asking for trouble. My opinion and probably many others.

200 gets most men into the high normal or above ranges in free t. Anything beyond that is way higher. Hematocrit, rbc, estrogen, blood pressure, prostate and other issues probably arise. What about receptors. do they desensitize? Do they get fatigue and stop working if you stay on a huge dose? Over use of anything is bad juju in my opinion. What about your liver , kidneys, skin, brain, seratonin, dopamine and host of other aspects effected by t on the body. How does the thyroid react to higher doses for years at a time. All questions to answer.

Someone else can probably elaborate on what a high dose would do over many years better than I could. I’m sure they will. But these are all questions that come to mind when I think of long term use of 350mg. I know it’s not 1000 like they would to cycle, but it is twice what most folks are prescribed.

You need to research trt much more thoroughly. It sounds like your reading about T on body building type websites and folks other than docs and professionals. I suggest looking into the therapy aspect and understanding the holes in your plan (dr crissler, dr Nichols, Nelson Virgil, dr rouzier).

If your going to blast and come off every few years, then I would think your going to suffer bad my man. Bodies not made to work like this. Commit or do not do that to yourself.

When doing trt properly and with therapeutical doses your looking at a marathon not a sprint. You will benefit across the board from cardiovascular to mental and everything else.

I hope that helps point you in the right direction!

Thanks for the reply,

Yeah I forgot to mention I can’t really cycle because the mood swing alone is especially bad for me as I have bipolar disorder.

I understand the dose is higher than a normal TRT dose and I could see it adding up over a long period of time with regards to negative side effects.

Just about everything I read though says that the side effects in the short term are worse with lower dosages than large dosages, and yes this is more of a bodybuilding forum type of scenario. I just figured the results would translate.

I’ll take your advice and keep researching. Thyroid is definitely a concern. Haven’t seen much information about skin, kidneys, brain and those specific neurotransmitters.

Yes good man. Your open minded and take criticism. Lolll

Negative sides come usually when you have bad genetics; or are taking too much t and not paying attention to labs and symptoms. The point of monitoring is that if you start having issues they either take you off it or lower dose. You need to know what to look out for when doing trt so that you don’t harm yourself :slight_smile:

Also don’t think about how much. Think about what it translates into . One guy can take 100mg and he gets 1300 t and 25free t, another needs 200. Maybe you need 250 to stay normal high.

Per my doc (whose awesome and a trt doc) At that level you won’t notice much difference between 3k total t and 1500 and free t as well. I was super high two weeks ago. They just used a greater than sign… as I drop I haven’t noticed a difference . My labido got better though :slight_smile:

If your going to do T for years. Don’t come off. You will probably end up in the mental hospital with the bipolar disorder and taking large amounts of T. Your receptors will most definitely get messed up and your body will be in shock once it doesn’t get the testosterone. I ran a couple 10 week cycles then did a 36 week test Ethan 600mg and 400mg EQ cycle coming off it was insane. I now have bipolar, depression, and aniexty disorder All my receptors are all messed up all of them, serotonin, dopamine and the other one. On high dose effexor now for depression and benzos for aniexty.

Doing high does are very risky especially for long periods of time. And once you stop you lose it all. Like bolting a turbo to a motor, beating the shit out of it, then unbolting the turbo and going to race with just a punched motor.

Everything in moderation is my modo now. If you want to do trt do trt, if you want to cycle like a bodybuilder that’s ok to just beware of how to do it properly.

Another option do trt dose and if you want to do as cycle dose do it then come back to your trt dose.

Even that can cause problems going up and down. Body doesn’t like change once it’s dialed in good.

Here is a good link from a guy doing a cycle and his experience check it out


I love how you explained that. Guys think there Superman I swear. Shits crazy.

“Doing high does are very risky especially for long periods of time. And once you stop you lose it all. Like bolting a turbo to a motor, beating the shit out of it, then unbolting the turbo and going to race with just a punched motor.”

What is your goal?