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TRT Hematocrit Any Concerns?

Last labs, should I be concerned or should I skip doses? Had small amount of shortness of breath but might just be anxiety and in my head lol. I can’t donate blood, do I have other options or just stay on same routine. I’m pinning every 6 days 100mg of test C. Thanks for yalls help.

No worries. Maybe (And this is a point of argument amongst many) if you were at 54 or something like that you would consider doing something about it.

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No concern necessary.

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Thanks bud


I tested at 50 before TRT, 53 after TRT. Drink plenty of water to add more to your plasma, it makes your blood less viscous. If you test while a bit dehydrated, HCT will come up high.

50 is fine

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If you’re eligible you can donate blood, it’ll slightly lower HCT and It’s a good deed.

You’re hct/hemoglobin isn’t off the charts high though.

This is not high hematocrit. The lab range is flawed. When it gets 53-54 and hemo is high you can start to worry

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If you just started trt or made a recent protocol change I would repeat cbc in 6-8 weeks .

Your platelets are also high normal. No concern now really but if good higher, yes concerned

Thanks bud, will Palates lower as hematocrit lowers or is it on its own thing needing attention in its own?

Endurance work often increases hematocrit as the body adjusts to the demand for more oxygen.

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Are you faithfully drinking 80-120oz of water (pure water, not pop/soda) a day? Being extremely hydrated in a healthy way made a tremendous impact on mine. I literally went from Dr. telling me to get my ass to Red Cross tomorrow, to him not even bringing it up next appointment. I had to ask him what it was and I was at 46 (I was over 50 previous test). I never told him, but I never donated as he thought I did. I read about being hydrated and it solved my issue.

Holy crap, just the 80oz is 6 standard bottles of water a day. You drink that much at minimum? I’d be in the can half the day if I could even drink that much. Is that amount what you meant to state?

That is a pretty normally recommended amount more or less.

Thanks bud I was hoping I could do this as I can’t stand donating

Yea that’s how much I meant to recommend. That’s not a shocking amount and is quite normal as the standard of how much you should drink. It’s very easy to drink that much once you get used to carrying a water bottle with you all the time.

At first you will pee a lot. Very quickly though your body will stop going so frequently and thank you for all the benefits.


Yes thats not much at all this is 2.5 l(sorry but I cannot work well with your US units :D)
As much as I onow a man should really drinko about 4.5-5, but I cannot reach that. I drink around 3.5 daily

I would think drinking tons of water would just have you pissing a lot. It’s not like it’s just going to hang out in your blood. Besides, I’ve always been a big water drinker. I even dubbed myself a “waterholic” 30 years ago. Yet it has never prevented my hematocrit from constantly increasing on TRT.