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TRT Help?


I was referred to a urologist after my total test levels came back low,257 ng/dL. (reference range: 280-800 ng/dL)

He agreed that the levels were low and we discussed some trt options. Two of which were the androgel and test shots.

It seems that he is suggesting I go the androgel route due to its easy application and "stable" levels that it provides. I know that I really do not want to go down that route due to its messy application, transference risk (i'm married) and sometimes questionable absorption rate.

I know from reading on the forum that shots broken up 2x a week (100-200mg/wk) is best to stabilize levels but he is insisting that the shots be done biweekly and in his office.

How do you guys persuade him to do a proper test shot protocol? and in the convenience of my home? Unfortunately switching docs is not an option as I am with an HMO.



I would look at thyroid, adrenals,estrodial,dhea, lifestyle,good sleep hygiene, with a sound nutritoinal dense diet, insulin resistance before even looking into TRT. With out treating the other you will not get the long term effects of TRT like many do.

Some times you need to spend the extra money and get with a good Dr who knows HRT other wise you are going to end up a long time of playing guessing games.

Top 3 I recommend
Dr O and myself - east cost
Dr Cristler - mid west
Dr Mariano - west coast


Where do you live? Look for a local anti-aging Dr and educate yourself before you see him. Read, read and read more. Go in with a plan of how you want to be treated and they'll be willing. You can post the treatment plan here and we'll give you some guidance.


Hey hanails...
Are you a doctor, or do you just work for one? I do wonder quite often...