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TRT Help Required!


Hi there. First post

29, live in New Zealand, options limited for TRT. Been having issues since 21. Tried Test cream,patches,HCG.

Have a tendency to get estrogen issues from aromatising. Finally found a dr who will prescribe Test AND arimidex.Can't get Aromasin. I have tried intramuscular and subq shots, with equal success,and feel a lot better on subq, so i just do that. Have just started test enth @ 37.5mg M W F with adex 0.25mg M W F.

Seem to be having sore nipples, but my joints are killing me too. I think I hit the sweet spot with estro early on, but not sure if I have gone too low or too high.

Hard work with TRt in NZ, doc is about as useful as tits on a bull,He will prescribe, but unsure on dosages.

Can you help me out with correct protocol/dosages etc? I do not want to go near HCG again until i get this dialed in correctly. I am aware of risks of fertility. Although I have been at this for a while, I know you will all have much much more knowledge than me.


Good starting point is 100 mg/week of T. Shoot for TT in high part of range (upper 10-25%)

If you start to get high E2 symptoms (realize what they are) or bloodwork shows that E2/SHBG has spiked and brought down Free T, then add in Adex at 0.5-1 mg/week (start on the low end and work way up). Shoot for TT in high part of range and E2 in 20-30 range (American units).

If still not completely tuned up and experiencing symptoms such as shriveled nuts, painful nuts, lethargy, brain fog, crashes at certain times of day, then add in HCG at 250 iu 2-3x/week. You may have to adjust your T dose downwards to keep TT in high part of range and not over. Let your symptoms and feedback guide you.

This order can be reversed and, IMO, any one of the 3 can be valid starting points depending on bloodwork and initial symptoms. I use this order due to the fact that you are already on T replacement.


Sore joints can indicate that E2 is very low, in turn indicating that one is an anastrozole over-responder. [See the stickies or search that term.]

However, your sore nipples suggest that E2 is too high.

So we have a contradiction. But you just started, so stay the course then do labs and post how things are going. Always come back to this thread, it is your case.

With 112mg/week test ester, anastrozole should be 1.12mg/week. Try to get to 1mg/week. When you have labs, then the dose can be very easily calculated.

At your age, not using hCG is not an option from a fertility point of view. Longer you wait, the greater the risks.


Something else to think about: Sore joints may not be E2 related, they can also be a sign of low cortisol. Cortisol is the body's anti-inflammatory. If it gets too low, inflammation becomes more pronounced and joints are where many guys (especially guys who lift) first feel it. Worth more investigation if the problem doesn't resolve after correcting TT and E2.