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TRT Help - Ethanate Worse Than Ever


been on trt for 7 months. stafted on testim then axiron then androgel 1.62 and today got an injection of enthanate.ffeeel worse than ever.why do these not work?


Could you post your stats? Height, weight, etc. (The stuff outlined in the stickies). Also, any numbers you can throw at us would be helpful. Post any and all labs you have. That will help us figure some stuff out.

T shots take a little bit of time to kick in, too. It's not like cocaine where you take the hit and get high immediately. For me, I started to notice a small change for the better within 12 hours, and even though my doc says it takes up to 2 months to feel the full effects of the treatment, I feel pretty damn good at five weeks out now.



Yes, that is what I have been told to, full effects of TRT are seen in around 2 months.
Help the helpers with all the data you can, how much T did you inject, do you take arimidex, full labs, age, etc.
ctastrophe you know to much about cocaine.


What I know of cocaine I learned from Scareface. Also taught me how to swear.